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End Of Days In The Bible

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Bible Proof 1260 Days are YEARS Trib About to END

In Matthew 24, Jesus tells us to watchfor a thing called the Abomination of Desolation. When that stands in the holy place, Jesussaid, those in Judea will FLEE into the mountains and then shall be Great Tribulation. This Great Tribulation is also called theAffliction in Mark 13 which gives the same timeline. We're told Immediately after that Tribulationor Affliction the stars will fall, the sun and moon will go dark, and the sign of theSon of Man will appear in heaven. Jesus told us in order to understand whatthe Abomination of Desolation is, we should refer to the book of Daniel.

Daniel 12 tells us from the time the Dailyis taken away until the Abomination of Desolation is set up, there shall be 1290 days. In the Bible, Days can represent years, so1290 days can also represent 1290 years. Daniel 12 also gives us another piece to thispuzzle. It says there will be a Time of Trouble, andthat Time of Trouble will last for a Time, Times, and a Half. That Time, Times, and Half a Time is mentionedin two more places in the Bible; in Daniel 7, it says the Saints will be given into thehand of the Little Horn for a Time, and Times,

and the Dividing of a Time. In Revelation 12; it says the Woman will FLYinto the wilderness where she is nourished for a Time, Times, and Half a Time, and duringthat time, the Dragon will make war with the Remnant.But Revelation 12 adds more details to this; it says BEFORE that Time, Times, and Halfa Time, the Dragon will be cast to Earth. And BEFORE the Dragon is cast to Earth theWoman will FLEE into the wilderness for 1260 days. It also adds that BEFORE the Woman flees for1260 days, a SIGN will appear in heaven. Revelation 11 also talks about the 1260 days.

It says Two Witnesses will walk the Earthfor 1260 days. During that time, it adds that the Waters(which we are told represent people) will be turned to blood, there will be no rain(which we are told represents the fire and brimstone from heaven), and fire will comeon the face of those who offend the Two Witnesses (which may represent those who were burnedat the stake during the Holy Roman Empire). In addition, Revelation 11 adds that the Multitudewill walk the Holy City (which we are told is in heaven) for 42 months, and the Witnesseswill be killed by the Beast at the end of the 1260 days and lie unburied for 3.5 days.

3.5 days can also represent 3.5 years, and3.5 years is literally equal to 42 months. The 42 months are also mentioned in Revelation13, which tells us the Beast will be given the power to CONTINUE for 42 months. Daniel 7 already explained that the Beasts'lives will be PROLONGED for a season and a TIME after the BURNING STONE hits. That indicates that the Season and the TIMEoverlap with the TIME, Times, and Half a Time. These 3 time periods: the 1260 days, the Time,Times, and Half a Time, and the 42 months are only found in 5 chapters of the Bible:Daniel 7, Daniel 12, and Revelation 11, 12, and 13.

Therefore, as we've discussed in previoustutorials, we are given a very clear timeline in the Bible with regards to the Tribulationperiod, the Falling of the Stars (or Meteorite), the Rescue, and the final Time of Trouble. First, the taking away of the Daily followedby a 1290 day period, which ends at the setting up of the Abomination of Desolation. Then a specific SIGN in heaven appears andthose in Judea FLEE into the wilderness or mountains. That fleeing is followed by a 1260 day oryear period, which is the Great Tribulation

Entire BIBLE ENDTIME CHART Explained In Less than one Hour

Hey everybody, I just wanted to talk to youabout this timeline. I know some of this is disturbing to some people, and I want to makethis tutorial to show you that this is the truth of what the Bible says. I hope you will hearthis. Its not ME saying this, its the Bible. This is the timeline right here. And by theway, I know these charts are not as clear in the tutorials, but you can also go to my website,indigoflower , to look at these charts and print them out. I'm trying to updatethe site right now to include all the major points. For those of you that understand Bible Prophecy,I really hope you will take a moment to hear

what the Bible is saying, that the churchesare not telling you. The Beast with 7 heads and 10 horns is righthere. Revelation 13 says the Beast is like a leopard, has the mouth of a lion, and thefeet of a bear. These are the 7 heads of the Beast; the fourheads of the Leopard and three heads of the Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire was the head that waswounded and then healed. The 8th King of Revelation 17 is the Kingof Fierce Countenance who rose in the Latter time of the fourth Empire that rose out ofGreece. The four heads of the Leopard all

corresponded to major empires throughout history,three occurred in ancient times, and one; the Turkish Empire, just ended in 1923. Daniel 8 says the King of Fierce Countenancewill rise in the latter time of that fourth Kingdom out of Greece. It is the League ofNations, which turned into the United Nations in 1945. The riddle in Revelation 17 is solved correctlyhere. The five that had fallen were Babylon, Persia, Greece, the Western Roman Empire,and the Eastern Roman Empire. The one that IS represents the Holy Roman Empire. It isthe Beast that was, is not, yet IS. The Beast

IS the 8th King, and the 8th King is of theseven. The 8th King IS the 7th head of the Beast that was wounded then healed. Therefore,the 8th King is the United Nations, which IS the healed Holy Roman Empire. Hosea 13 and Revelation 13 are very clearthat the Beast IS YHWH. It says YHWH will be unto the CHAFF like a Lion, Leopard, andBear. It says the BEAST will be like a Leopard with the Mouth of a Lion and the Feet of aBear. So YHWH IS the Beast, YHWH is not LIKE a Beast, YHWH IS the Beast TO the CHAFF. Inother words, YHWH is the BEAST to the TARES. There are wheat and there are TARES. The churcheswant you to believe that they are full of

wheat, but that is false. The Bible tellsus the churches are the EYES of the BEAST. That means the churches are full of TARES.That does not mean that the churches are 100% tares, but it does mean that we needto use discernment in the churches because MANY of the people in the churches, includingthe pastors and the leaders, are TARES. They are the chaff. They are not walking in theways of the Lord, they are leading the sheep astray. They WORSHIP YHWH but they do notWALK in the ways of the Lord. That is why Hosea says YHWH will be the BEAST to them. So Hosea says YHWH is the Beast with 7 headsand 10 horns and Revelation 17 tells us the

Beast with 7 heads and 10 horns is the 8thKing, which is the United Nations. So the Beast is YHWH AND the Beast is the UnitedNations. That means that the CHAFF are worshipping, NOT god, but the United Nations. Their LORDis not the true God, but the current ruling Empire. And the Current Worldwide Empire;the United Nations IS the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE that was wounded but then healed. The 8thKing IS the 7th King. So the BEAST is the LORD of the CHAFF. Andtheir LORD is the WORLD EMPIRE, the United Nations, which is the HEALED 7th Head of theBeast; the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. Revelation 17 says this 8th King is the BeastDaniel tells us will devour the WHOLE EARTH,

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