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Survive the End Days Survive Nuclear Armageddon

Survive the End Days where little do you know that Obama and the leaders upper church have asecret sinister packed to hide from the public the mostimportant prophecy that is encrypt it inside our Holy Biblebecause at this sacred secret becomes common knowledge it will cause panic among all faithfulfollowers

up the words of our Lord this ancientprophecy is coded with divisions a for men chosen to givea very precise in terrifying warning things to come in the end up timestherefore before going any further I must warn youwhat you are about to see is deeply disturbing because it willlink current events Asian biblical prophecies and you will discover that chillingevidence up the words of our Lord coming true

stepbystep and it all starts with a simple question does it not seemodd to you that america the richest and most powerful countrytoday the greatest ban chka nation on the earth is not evenmentioned in the Bible after all as we know the Bibleaccurately predicts so many other historical events the twoworld wars man reaching outer space and the returnof the Jews to their homeland after centuries of exile all theseevents were seen in described by the

profits in their writings America played the keyrole in all of this yet the church does notteach america's place in the Bible and there is a very good reason for thatone which I will reveal in a few moments I'll show exactly whythis knowledge is a closely guarded secret and you will discover that we aregetting closer and closer to fulfilling this

ancient prophecy as the world leaders and their armiesare covertly maneuvered into place in preparation for the events that ledto the second coming of our Lord most importantly you'll see the exactreason why this prophecy will come true beforethe first January 2017 but first you need to know just whoI am for making such shocking statements my name is Nathan sheppard I have been afervent Christian ever since I was a child

I have pursued a career in archaeologyand geology and I a dedicated seventeen years mylife to studying th in scriptures in order to understandthe place the United States in the Bible prophecyuntil one day by chance I made a startling discovery theconnected all the hidden clues you must understand the holy text theBible are for metaphors and symbolism becausethe profits try to describe things that exist in the future using wordsavailable in their time

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