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How to Plant Elephant Ear Bulbs

My name is Hans Langeveld from Longfield Gardensand I'm going to show you here how to plant elephant ears. Originally there were onlyColocasia elephant ears or the quot;regularquot; elephant ears that have leaves that face downwardsand they resemble the shape of an elephant ear, that's where they get the name from.Now, the difference is that the regular elephant ears go dormant during the winter, they'rethe Colocasias, and then the Upright Elephant Ears, the Alocasias, they can stay green ifyou take the plant inside and plant them in a container they will stay green throughoutthe winter and you can treat it as a house plant. On top of that the Upright ElephantEar has nice and shiny leaves that face straight

upward, and that's why they're called UprightElephant Ears. So,the first step in planting elephant ears is to dig a hole deep enoughso the entire bulb can be planted in it and it is about 1 inch underneath the soil line.You have to plant it quite deep, and loosen it up a little bit also so the roots can nicelyget down to the water. Elephant ears do need a lot of water, they actually can also beplanted in wetlands and places like that. Here we have a sprinkler system so they'llbe fine over the summer. We're going to put some Osmocote in the soil right underneaththe bulb so it has a good supply of fertilizer when it's growing because elephant ears doneed a little bit of fertilizer, they use

up a lot of energy. And then when we plantit, we plant it with the old stem facing upwards, and this will be about an inch under the soilline, the next step is to cover it up. Now, this is how you plant elephant ear bulbs.My name is Hans Langeveld from Longfield Gardens.

Gardening Plant Care Alyssum Plant Care

Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, quot;Mr Green Thumbquot;.One of the most beautiful little, small flowering plants, is that of alyssum. And alyssum isone that has a beautiful fragrance. It almost smells like honey, if you can imagine that.These plants flower about ten to twelve months a year. In other words, it flowers continually.It has tiny, little blossoms and one plant like this is enough to make your whole sideof your yard fragrant. It smells like a little bit of honey, almost like a little jasminetype smell. It's a beautiful plant, it's easy to grow, do make sure that you make sure thatit gets enough water. And by that I mean, in a basket like this, probably once everycouple of days, you're going to have to make

sure that you get the old watering can out.Or hose. But, it's a good plant, takes near full sun. It will take partial shade. Remember,it flowers best in full sun. It will flower not as good in dense shade. So, give it morelight. Make sure it gets enough water. You might want to plant it with some peet mossand some cow manure in the soil to really kind of hold that moisture around it. Youdo that , it's a fantastic plant. For quot;On Gardeningquot;, I'm Stan DeFreitas, quot;Mr GreenThumbquot;.

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