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Archaeological Evidence that Proves the Bible is True

Creationé Evolutioné Dinosaurs In the beginning. Origins Plants, Animals, Humans Designé Flood, Fossils, Sedimentary Rock

Observation Evidence Reason Facts Stones of Israel Part 1: Presented by Don Patton, Ph. D. Don Patton: We have some exciting things to talk to you about this evening,to show you. The most frustrating part to me is we have only two 40minute sessions.

There is much more evidence and I havebeen a little bit selfish. I am featuring the things that I have beenpersonally involved in or at least many of them. There is much more evidence that isavailable but we hope to give you an idea. But in order to appreciate the nature of. and the significance of thiskind of evidence, I want to begin by telling you a little bitabout the controversy, the context of controversyin which this evidence is being presented

and is being opposed today. Notice thestatement by Herzog, who is the Professor ofArchaeology at Tel Aviv University. This is the largest University in Israel, and you would expect that theProfessor of Archaeology there would be one who is telling you about things thatsupport the Bible, but that is not the case, as in our countrymany of the universities which used to do that now are dominated by those who oppose

the Bible and so we have statements like this, he says, “This is what archaeologists havelearned from their. .excavations in the Land of Israel:The Israelites were never in Egypt. .did not conquer the land. .in a military campaign and did not passit on to the 12 tribes of Israel.� That is what we learned, from the study of Archaeology. Now, why would a fellow who is

the Professor of Archaeology in Israel, make astatement like thaté We have to put this in a largerpolitical context, and I think we can see that context ifwe compare it with the statement made by the late Yasser Arafat who is former president of the Palestinianauthority and I think you can appreciate why he would make a statement similar tothis he says, “The notion a Jewish origin. .in Jerusalem is a religious myth. .used to justify occupation andcolonialism.â€�

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