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Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy What about ISIS Tim Roosenberg

People keep asking me, Tim does ISIS the Islamic State of Iraq andSyria have any role in Bible prophecyé I've been asked that question severaltimes so today I'm going to share a brief update explaining the roleof ISIS and its potential role in Bible prophecy. You'renot going to find the term ISIS in prophecy, but we dohave the King of the South in Daniel 11. And as I'mwatching current events unfold I'm seeing a very close parallel

going on with Daniel 11's King of the South and King of the North in the third andfinal conflict. To give you an idea, first I've got to explain Daniel 11, beforeI actually get into the role of ISIS. Now I'm going to cover thisin very short form here, in abbreviated form, but if you wouldlike to get more detail on the historical facts behind it, I would encourage you go to ourweb site IslamandChristianity we have it right here onthe screen, and there

you'll be able to find the detailof what I'm just going to summarize today. In Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 and 8 Daniel goes to a whole list of powers.It was an image of different metals and Daniel 2, it'sdifferent beasts in Daniel 7 and 8. Daniel and God use symbols to describeworld history starting in Babylon then we have MedoPersia, Greece,Rome, Divided Rome and then with the little horn. So we have these parallel prophecies starting inDaniel's time, ending with God's kingdom.

Now Daniel 11 will cover the same territory but this time it's going totalk about a King of the North and a King of the South.You see, in Daniel 11 we have a king of the north thatinvades Jerusalem from the north. The Persians are the first one and theytake over from Babylon and they occupy Jerusalem from the north. Jeremiah Chapter 50 even calls the Persians the quot;Kingdom of the Northquot;.

So we have them coming downon Jerusalem from the north. Now in Daniel 11, north andsouth are relative from Jerusalem. Jerusalem is thefocal point of this prophecy. Next we had the Greek Empire,and the Greeks come in from the north and once again they fit in, and Jerusalem is attacked from the north.All the powers of Daniel 2 and 7 attack Jerusalem from the north.But then the Greek Empire splits Seleucid North, Ptolemy South

and you'll notice that Jerusalemgets caught right there in the middle. And so from this time onGod's people are caught in the middle, even Jesus will die in verse22, which happens to be right in the middle of the prophecy. SoChrist and His people are always caught in the middle but, bythe way, you want to be in the middle becauseJesus will rescue those people caught in the middle at the end of this prophecy. Then wehave the Roman Empire

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