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Christian Signs That Hes The One

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7 Subtle Signs A Guy Likes You

Hey, this is Mat Boggs, and in today's tutorial,I'm going to share with you seven subtle signs that a guy likes you. Number one ishe tries to find out about your life. He asks you what you did this past weekend. He wantsto know what it is that you like. He wants to know where you've been, what you'redoing, and the reason he wants to know those things is because that's giving him ideasfor when he plans a date on things that you might possibly like. the other thing is if,let's say, he meets you at the gym. He's going to ask you, “Hey, do you normallycome to the 6:00 PM class or what's your normal classéâ€� because in his mind, he'swanting to plan where you're going to be

so he could see you again.Number two: he's anticipating being with you or meeting you. This is when you'reon a date. He's the one who shows up early. His hair is cut, his car is washed, rightéHe's looking good, he's smelling good. What that means is that he's been planning,he's been anticipating, he's been waiting for this moment with you and it's importantto him. Number three: he talks about your imaginary“boyfriend.â€� What do I mean by thaté Well, one of the ways that guys like to find outwhether or not you're invested with somebody else or committed to somebody else, they'llsay, “Hey, so uh, how was that concerté

Who'd you go withé Your friends or yourboyfriend or… what'd you doéâ€� They'll just kind of throw out the boyfriend cardand the reason they do that is to try to investigate are you seeing someoneé Are you dating someoneéBecause if you're not, thumbs up for them because they can make a move and then askyou out. Number four is he texts you but it's notjust texting you. He's texting you kind of throughout the day at random times. It'snot just late at night for booty calls or it's not just when he's lonely. It'syou're popping up in his mind throughout the day so he's curious about you. He wantsto know what you're doing. And his texts

often include questions. And why does thatmatteré That matter because he's trying to further the conversation and the connectionwith you to get to know you better. Number five, and this one is not to be underestimated,he will try to be of service for you. This means giving you his seat when he sees thatyou're in heels. This means opening doors, this means opening the car door, pulling outyour chair, reminding you if you forgot your scarf, “Hey, you forgot your scarf.â€� Thelittle acts of services, the little things that he's doing is him trying to add value,trying to be of value for your life. Number six: he'll invite you to play withhim. Well, actually as I say that, that kind

of sounds a little weird. Not play with him,but play games with him. See, guys love to connect by playing games, by engaging. Soit might not be something you're interested in, but just him inviting you into somethingwhere he's playing, it might be fantasy sports, might be Words with Friends, it mightbe, “Hey, try to get this little piece of paper into that basket over there.â€� If he'strying to get you to play with him, that's a good sign that he might be into you.Number seven is he's going to try to impress you, righté This might look like him tellingyou something that he's doing. “Hey, I'm doing this new cleanse I'm working on,â€�or, “Hey, I just signed up for a crossfit

class at 6:00 AM in the morning,â€� or, “Hey,I just went to this cool concert with my friends.â€� And so him sharing those things with you,that's him trying to impress you, trying to be a man of value in your eyes. So whatdo you do when he's sharing with you all of these cool things that he's doing andyou're wondering, “Why are you telling me thiséâ€� Well, if you want to go out withthis guy, you can try the softball approach. Now, what's the softball approaché Thatmeans when he tells you something really cool that he's done, say that you would loveto do that sometime, which is an open invitation for him to ask you out. So for example, ifhe shares, “Hey, my friends and I went to

Is He Flirting Or Just Being Nice

Oh! Girl Oh! (laughs) I didn't, yeah, you go ahead. Oh, are you sureé Yeah, yeah, no problem. Girl Thank you! Nice. (awkward laughter) Girl I Ned just goingto watch me get coffeeé

(pleasant music) This is so intimate. D'you have a good weekendé Oh, yeah, yeah, I wasabout to ask you that. Yeah, (laughs) I did! (laughs) Me too, me too. (laughs) Good. Oh, hey!

Ned Hey! Girl Interesting seating choice, sir! Why did he sit next to me when there are all these empty chairsé This definitely means something. You know what this meeting is abouté Yeah, I just prepared a little bit. Hey, Chris!

Come on, sit over here. Chris Oh, hey, what's upé Oh my god, are you still hungoveré I can barely move from place to place. Girl (scoffs) Whatever. I'm super busy. Ned (sighs) Hi! Girl Well, hello! (laughs)

(laughs) This is such a coincidence. Twice in one dayé (whispers) I think he's obsessed with me! Too much coffee, huhé (laughing) I have a very small bladder! Wwhaté (laughs)

He's always touching me! Hey! Um, Ned was looking for you. Oh! Yeah. Girl He's finally readyto tell me his true feelings! I think he just wanted you to email him notes on that meeting.

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