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Christian Signs For Home

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7 Signs You Grew Up Christian

That was a crazy night, man. It was insane. It was great. I can't believe that. I just posted all thepictures to Facebook. Whaté Shut up, you didn't tag me did youé Yeah.

Dude, no. My Youth Pastor follows me, man. (lively, bouncy music) No, let, mom. No, yes. What no, I'm not drinking. Yeah, OK, we've been on like two dates, but it's just casual.

Everything's fine. Yeah. Yeah, it's, I know I needto be in a Bible study. Yeah, I'm gonna. I mean I was th yeah, I was there, but I wa In the world but not of it. Yes mom, I get it.

(lively, bouncy music) So my friend Billy, like she can't even goout unless she has coke. Like everywhere we go That's not good. It's bad for your teeth and think about all that sugar. What are youé

What are you, sugaré What do you meané Yeah, it's a Coke. Like cocaine. Are you guysready for this meetingé God, where's my hair brushé (laughter) The VeggieTalesé

Whaté Oh, OK. Why is this funnyé Oh no, OK I'm just looking Never mind, that's all right. So did you watchHarry Potter growing upé No, bro.

The Top 30 Signs You Were a Christian Kid

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