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Christian Pilots Rapture

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Will Hagee Have A Rapture

quot;Pray up, pack up, look up, we're going up!quot;shouts John Hagee. He's preaching quot;The Rapture.quot; But there's not a shred of evidence for itin the Bible. Clip: quot;Neighbors are going to be standing in the streets and they'regoing to be having conversations like this: 'I was standing here talking to Mr Jones andsuddenly he started rising into the air, over the house past the tree tops, gone, Gone,GONE! He's vanished in the clouds right before my eyes.' quot;What is this earth shattering eventéThis earth shattering event is the literal rapture of the church of Jesus Christ. It'sgoing to happen in the twinkling of an eye. I'm saying to you, pray up, Pack up, LOOKup, we're going up!quot; (Applause). But the

word quot;rapturequot; and its system was actuallyinvented as late as 1830 by the Protestant preacher, John Darby, popularized by CyrusScofield, and today hyped by Hal Lindsay in his dubious Late Great Planet Earth. Hageenow gives the rapture a whole new spin. It's quot;The Great Escape.quot; Clip: quot;Headlines willbe screaming, 'Millions Are Missing Without A Trace!' Cars are going to be parked outhere beside Loop 1604 and every highway in the world, the motors are still running, withthe drivers and the occupants of the car sailing for mansions on high.quot; But does Hagee careif those driverless cars smash into a family of five while he watches from his quot;mansionon highéquot; Hagee's rapture turns God into a

callous murderer. Now watch him turn the quot;friendlyskiesquot; into a horror show. Clip: quot;I tell you if you're not a christian, don't you darefly with a christian pilot. He's going up and you're going down.quot; Hagee's 'rapture'is nothing less than a vendetta against all those quot;sinnersquot; who don't buy into his moneymakingpreaching of a 'jesus' the apostles never taught. Christ Himself said there'd be onlyONE arising, some to everlasting life and some to everlasting damnation. And that ONEarising would be quot;on the last day.quot; When Jesus said that there'd be one quot;takenquot; but one quot;leftbehind,quot; He was pointing to the coming destruction of the Temple by the Romans in 70 AD out ofwhich quot;tribulationquot; his followers would be

quot;takenquot; when fleeing to Pella beyond the Jordan,but the unbelieving Jews would be quot;left behind.quot; St Paul then comforts the Church in Thessalonicathat at Christ's quot;Comingquot; (not one followed by a 'Great Tribulation')their loved oneswho died in Christ would be first to rise, then those who remain alive. Now, why doesSt Paul say quot;wequot; which are alive and quot;wequot; shall be with the Lordé It's to strengthenChrist's warning that the day of His SECOND Coming, no man knows, and could happen anytime, even when St Paul was still alive. But Hagee's fixed on quot;signsquot; of a rapture thatwill happen in his own time. Clip: quot;The sixth prophetic sign that we're the terminal generationhappened when Jerusalem was no longer under

the control of the Gentile people. And I wantyou to know that right now Jerusalem is being built to be the glory of the ages. GAWD getsemotional about Jerusalem. From this moment forward, for the rest of our lives, untilChrist comes, Jerusalem is the center of the universe.quot; Jerusalem the quot;center of the universeéquot;Then everything would revolve around the murder of God by Jews. In Revelations, God callsJerusalem quot;where Christ was crucifiedquot; and quot;Sodom and Egypt,quot; equating the Old Testamentenemies of the Israel of GodThe Churchwith the New Testament enemies of the Church: Jews,who quot;crucified Christ.quot; God does NOT get quot;emotionalquot; over this Christhating Jerusalem. But Hageeand his deluded followers do.

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