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The Heaviness of Waiting for the Rapture

The Heaviness of WaitingJuly 6, 2016 The precious presence of Our Lord Jesus beyour comfort, Heartdwellers. After worship time today, the Lord approachedme very tenderly and sincerely. Looking into my eyes, He began, “It's been a littlerough going hasn't it, My Brideéâ€� Yes, Lord.and I've been calling on Youto do it constantly, as You well know and it's still been hard. “That's the nature of the beast, My Love.Even when you call upon Me to do things, there is still a price to pay for being the conduitof My Love and words to our precious family.

But you are well seasoned in this area, andwe get through it, don't weéâ€� He looked at me plaintively. I suppose. A little worse for wear, but yes,here we are. My Jesus, what is on Your heart tonight. He began, quot;Waiting. The heaviness of waiting,seeing My Brides assaulted by so many lies, doubts, attacks and watching them hold upunder it. Yes, I see your heart, for you it has gotten to the point of sorrow and pain.I'm sorry for this, Clare, but I am using it…have you ever known Me to let you downéquot;

Well, there are still unfulfilled things Iam waiting for, but I assume they are after our return… And in other things You havebeen amazingly faithful, I have to trust You, Lord. You've accomplished so many more miracles.Everyday is a new miracle as I see things coming to pass in our personal life. I'm sorry I feel this way, Jesus. I am justtired. quot;Like that butterfly you found…it was spent,it had worn itself out, its wings were frayed and it could barely move them anymore. ButI renew you, Clare. I draw you into My bosom and renew you, Sweet Spouse. And you willcarry on until the very last moment…the

very last drop. This perseverance is one ofyour hallmarks, one of the gifts I have given you. Most would have given up a long timeago. But you have persevered. quot;I see the dagger in your heart over thiswaiting; I see it, I know it, I feel it with you. Don't suppose for a moment I am notsuffering as you are. Yes, I am suffering this and even more as I see My children forthe last time, as they are taken to Hell because of their obstinate denial of Me. They areexiled and never more shall I be comforted by the joy of their laughter. No, now it isbitter regrets, screams and groaning, which I, as God, cannot ignore. There is a chamberin My heart where the voices of Hell call

out to Me. I cannot escape it. It is My creationand it is oh, so painful, nervewracking and shattering. But it is there, and I am continuouslyaware of it. quot;Put your head on My shoulder and rest here.Just rest for a few moments. quot;Clare, there is nothing to say, except thatI feel the very same way. I share your grief, your waiting, your weariness, all of it. Icarry it with you and for you.quot; Yes, Lord, please help me carry this burden,please help me. The longing is breaking my heart. But my intellect puts it down, becauseI know how high the stakes are . I know I am numb to the tremendous suffering of othersaround the world.

quot;Well, you think you are numb, but in fact,much of what you carry is associated with their burdens. I have distributed this burdento souls all around the globe, that others may not totally collapse it. I wish I coulddo more to alleviate this pain, I wish I could. That is why you have a puppy and kitties andcompanions, and even your lifemate to share all these things with. I would never leaveyou without some consolations. quot;You will find comfort in meditating on theStations of the Cross. You will find comfort and strength in My suffering. Yes, you willfind it. Everyone is feeling this burden, Clare. This burden of waiting, whether theyrecognize it or not. It is built into their

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