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End of the Age Coming of the Messiah Rest of God Part 3 of 7 Rapture Theory

We are officially in part 3 of this study, quot;The Endof the Age, the Coming of the Messiah, and the rest of God.quot; And today we're going totake a look at a very prominent eschatological belief. Something Ialluded to last week that I had mentioned, and that isthe quot;Rapture Theory.quot; Now be honest, how many of you. Let me think about how I want toframe this. how many of you at some point in your faith, at any point or even rightnow, how many of you, be honest, raise your hand, subscribe to the rapture theoryƩWow, almost every hand in this place was raised, including my own. I grew up, asmany of you know, my parents

got saved at the Jesus peoplemovement. Powerful, powerful movement. So many people came to faith. In fact a lotof Jewish people came to faith out of that movement. Well that time was a hotspot. There were specific trigger words are specific things been spoken of thechurch was clinging to you at that time they were the top one of those thingswas being born again he remember that I remember being born again that was itwas hot term you need to be born again when people went out to the streetevangelist my dad would get street evangelism you would hearings there tobe born again there was another term

that was very hot and as a child oryoung child I remember it was the rack sure sure everybody was talking to thepastor talked about it consumed us this is this is what we did well my parentsmade the mistake I and my feet was real I had a man I'm telling when I was a kidI love Jesus I love him I knew he was king I love him I wanted him Lord is mylife there was absolutely no question the faith was very very real to me as achild so my parents take me to this movie or needless to say I come out ofthere terrified terrified by what I saw thebasis of the movie was that everybody

wakes up one day and everybody's goneand the radio report alarm clock is going off the radio reports are goingyet it's been confirmed all over the world exact same time everybody justdisappeared and then the world goes to haiti's in a hand basket and everythingjust starts to fall apart I'm a little child I come out of this and I'm tellingyou if your parents get out of your site for more than 10 minutes you're freakingout the Lord told my parents I mean I can remember there there really weretimes I got up and my parents were in

bed I was like I started singing thesong I've been left behind you see you did the sun's going through my mind Iwas like in a more defined as a child I'm just more if I could find the betterI mean it's just it was this is this is what sets the stage for that is that wasmy understanding when I can see my parents that I was left well today we're going to take a closerlook at this theology and we're gonna put it under the microscope and I thinkwe're gonna discovered to date might be somewhat of a surprise to you shall Isee there's something in regard to this

particular ideology that I want to bringto light it is something that is vitally important to the whole concept of therap sure vitally important in fact it's it's driving force you thing I think when I share this with youi think that you're not going to look at this rapture theory the same way ever againpretty incredible so with that said I want to begin today on a positive notewhat I mean by that on a positive note I want to look at the positive things thatthe rapture theory holds and other words

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