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END TIME Message to the Church Sid Roths Its Supernatural

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it'snaturally supernatural. I'm going to teach, tonight,revelation about the End Times from the book in the Bible thatexplains what is going on and what is about ready to happen inthe last days. And I'm going to give you hint. It's not the Book of Revelation. Is there a supernaturaldimensioné

a world beyond the one we knowé Is there lifeafter deathé Do angels existé Can our dreams contain messagesfrom Heavené Can we tap into ancient secretsof the supernaturalé Are healing miracles realé Sid Roth has spent over 35 yearsresearching the strange world of the supernatural.

Join Sid for this edition ofIt's Supernatural! Sid: I know that I'm going tosurprise a lot of you. But the, THE End Time book tothe church is not the Book of Revelation. And when I teach from thisparticular book, more healings take place than when I give amessage on healings. I know it blows your mind, butit's so significant to where we are in history.

This is so amazing to me, therevelation that God has given to me form the End Time book to thechurch, the Book of Esther. You know whaté We Jewish people know exactlywhat we do. When we talk during Purim, wetalk about the Book of Esther, and when Esther's name ismentioned, everyone says, quot;Ahhhquot;. Well we Jewish people normallyhave two names to protect, no,

I'm just teasing. We normally have two names. My Hebrew name from Israel justhappens to be Israel. And we have a name from thecountry we have immigrated to. So my name from America isSidney. Esther was the same way. Esther was not her originalname. Her original name, one of thenicest s in Israel was

named that, Hadassah. The Hadassah is namedafter Queen Esther because Esther wasn't her Hebrew name. Hadassah means quot;a myrtle with abeautiful fragrancequot;. But when you got anothercountry, you take their name. This was the Persian name, whichI'll give you a hint, is really Iran. And her Persian was Esther,which came from Ishtar, which

Who Was The EndTime Elijah

Jesus Christ said that He would send a specifictype of servant who would prepare the way for His Second Coming. Christ said this man would come in the endtime, and would be like his ancient servant Elijah. This man has already come, just as Christsaid he would. Learn about a recent religious leader whohad the same power as a man of God who parted rivers, caused drought, and called down firefrom heaven. Next, on The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry.

Greetings, everyone. In Matthew 17, chapter 17, it talks aboutwhere Christ gave His disciples a vision that there was of His Second Coming, and an endtimeElijah was going to precede that great event. He was going to prepare the way for the SecondComing. So Matthew 17 talks about how he RESTOREDso much that ought to get the attention of this world because it's one of the mostpivotal prophecies in ALL the Bible. And this Elijah did, in the Church, what JesusChrist is going to do in the entire WORLD very shortly.

That how's the Church is PREPARED for thatSecond Coming and prepared to be able to RULE with Jesus Christ. The Bible discusses three Elijahs. There is the original Elijah, and then cameJohn the Baptist, who prepared the way for the FIRST coming of Jesus Christ. And Luke 1 and verse 17 says that John “camein the spirit and POWER of Elijah.� He came in the spirit and power of Elijah. Now, that POWER John had, and in there heperformed the miracles and did all KINDS of

things. And then this endtime Elijah is going tocome and have that same power, and that was also true of the ORIGINAL Elijah. The Elijah had POWER, his followers had POWER,and there's always POWER in the work of Elijah. That's something that most people don'treally understand. Notice II Kings 2 and verse 14. Let's look at the power that the Elijahwork had and his followers had, after Elijah

had been replaced by Elisha. Notice what it says in II Kings 2 and verse14 just before they were to cross the Jordan River. The only problem is, they couldn't get across,so there had to be a MIRACLE performed. Notice what it says: “And he,� Elisha,who was a follower of Elijah and he took the mantle of Elijah and followed him in his work,“And he took the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and smote the waters,� that wasthe first time, but that's all it said. He just smote the waters and nothing happened.

There was no power. There was no parting of the Jordan River. What was wrongé And THEN Elijah began to see what the problemwas, and it goes on to say, “and said, Where is the LORD God of Elijahéâ€� Where is the Lord God of Elijahé “and whenhe also had smitten the waters,â€� a second time, “they parted hither and thither: andElisha went over.â€� Now, that's amazing when you think aboutit because the first time he just smote the

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