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Christian Death Prophecies

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Princes Death on 421 Verifies Bible Prophecy

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I'm your host William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co Prophet of these End Times. Yesterday I received a very interesting message from one of my subscribers and his name is Menin Charles Gomes and this has todo with the premature death yesterday of the pop star, Prince, and here's what he wrote: quot;Not sure if Prince's death plays into anyprophecy, Mr Tapley, especially with reference to the prince in Daniel 8:11,which coincidentally has to do with the Pope's recent abomination, I thinkquot;. Ithink you are right, Menin. quot;Also, does

Prince's symbol play into this tooéThanks and God bless.quot; Well, let me talk about the symbol first.If you look up that symbol, which I guess Prince used as his name for a while, itis a perversion of the Cross. It is made up of a male and a female form and it'skind of a rip off of the ankh cross. And that fits with Prince's personae ofbeing androgynous, that is both male and female. Now, I had never seen any of hismusic but I did watch a few tutorials and I really don't care much for his musicalthough he does put a lot of razzledazzle into his performances. So,I'm very much surprised that Almighty

God would use the pop star, Prince, hisdeath, to verify Bible prophecy and yet that's exactly what He has done. And, Ishouldn't be too quick to judge him because now let me read want Bobbi Bacha says,another one of my subscribers: quot;Did you see where Prince diedé He sang andwrote about the end times in this millennium. Prince wrote songs about adream he had of judgment day, party like it's 1999, where he said the sky was purple andlooked like purple rain. He wrote a song called quot;Purple Rainquot;. He saw people dyingeverywhere and he said the voice said 2000 and it will all be gonequot;. Well, thank you very much Bobbi, you've given me a

completely different perspective onPrince's death. I can see where it is possible that he would represent thePrince of Peace and that would be Jesus Christ. Now, let me read the prophesyfrom Daniel that Menin was referring to and this is very interesting becausePrince's death is a verification of this prophecy and that is chapter 8, versenumber 11. Let me find this here. quot;And it was magnified (now, this is chapter 8, verse 11, as I said, and the quot;itquot; is the quot;little hornquot;, in other words, the Antichrist) quot;and it wasmagnified even to the prince of the strength (that refers to Jesus, of course)and it took away from him

the continual sacrifice (the continualsacrifice is the daily Mass, the Eucharist, in other words) and cast down the place of his sanctuary.quot;Now, the Eucharist is the quot;bread of lifequot;. Jesus said: quot;unless you eat my fleshand drink my blood you have no life in youquot;. So, taking the life away from Prince, the pop star, symbolizes taking away the Eucharist from the Prince of Peace, verymuch a fulfillment of that prophecy. And now let me look at, the only difference isthat in that case, in chapter 8, the Antichrist is doing the takingaway of the daily sacrifice and this is a greater fulfillment of chapter 10 ,versenumber 3, where the False Prophet

takes away the continual sacrifice. AndDaniel writes: quot;I ate no desirable bread and neither flesh nor wine enteredinto my mouth (obviously the Eucharist. In fact, I didn't discover this. I want to thank another one of my subscribers who broughtthis to my attention quite a few years ago) neither was I anointed with oil (that refers to Pope Francis. He is not truly anointed; he is an interloper. He is the False Prophet!) till the days of three weeks were accomplishedquot;. Now, the quot;three weeksquot; tells us how long this great tribulation will lastwhere we do not have a valid Eucharist.

Why I Christian died and went to hell Testimony

On July 28th, 1998 I had a heart attack, Idied and I found myself on my way to hell. The Lord Jesus had mercy on me and He letme come back. I was at that stage a saved man, I had accepted the Lord Jesus as my Lordand Savior, I was baptized in water, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, I knew the voiceof the Lord and He was speaking to me. But that morning I woke up with a terrible painin my chest and I died. I found myself going down a deep black hole and I knew I was onmy way to hell. I pleaded with the Lord Jesus to let me come back. He let me come back whenI pleaded and asked and said:�Lord, let me go and tell the world, let me tell people,that this is real.�

Many people have asked me why it was thatI was on my way to hell even though I was saved. Dear friends, the reason is that Iwas serving God, MY WAY. I was an above average Christian. I was a serious Christian. I wasa person who knew the voice of the Lord Jesus, but I was serving the Lord MY WAY. I was notfruitful. The only way that we can be fruitful is if we serve Jesus as disciples, HIS WAY,not my way, HIS WAY. Knowing the voice of the Lord is one thing but following Him, waitingon Him, serving Him as Master, that is another thing and that is what He requires of us.We cannot serve Jesus our way. He is not interested in that. We cannot bear fruit if we serveHim our way. I tried to reconcile being a

Christian with being a business man, withliving a “normalâ€� life, like all the other Christians and I was under the impressionthat I was doing very well, but by God's standard I came short, it wasn't good enough, I wason my way to hell. It was the biggest fright I ever had in my life and since that day Ihave never been at ease again with Jesus because I fear Him, because I know that He has gotONE STANDARD, friends, and that is HIS WAY. We have got to seek Him, we have got to listento His voice. What I think does not matter. My opinion, does not count. All that mattersis Jesus. Is He pleased with me, is He satisfied with meé Am I obedient to Himé Am I doingwhat He wants me to doé Am I a discipleé Am

I truly pleasing to HiméDear friends we can only be fruitful and pleasing to Jesus if we serve Him as LORD, as MASTER,if we wait on Him and if we DO what He TELLS us to do. I got to know Jesus. I love Him,I fear Him, I respect Him. I will die again. I will leave this body, but then I want tobe ready. I want to be going UP, not DOWN and that is why I am following Jesus. I amworking for His Kingdom. God's standard is not our standard, my friends.Jesus wants TOTAL, TOTAL devotion. He is calling you. Make sure that when your time comes,that you don't find yourself going down the deep black hole.May Jesus bless you.

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