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Book Of Revelations Armageddon

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BBC Asteroid Impact Simulation End Of The World Predictions

A huge asteroid with a diameter of 500 Kilometer is going to impact on Earth! Destination: Pacific Ocean. The asteroid impact peels 10 kilometers crust off the surface of Earth. The resulting shockwave travels at hypersonic speed. The debris from the impact is blasted to the lower orbit of Earth, and they returns to destroy everything on the planet. The firestorm created by the asteroid impact encircles the Earth,

vaporizing everything in our world. Within 24 hours of asteroid impact, the entire Earth will be uninhabitable. The researchers have found that this scenario has happened 6 times in Earth's history.

The Caliphate and the Islamic Mark of the Beast Armageddon News

This is Armageddon News, On the agenda today, we discuss the mark ofthe beast, its connection to worship and trade, whatthe consequences are of taking it, and its startling links to Islamic scripture. Good day, a former Islamic terrorist, namedWalid Shoebat, who has become a Born Again Christian, has discovered a connection, betweenthe name of Allah, and the 666. He explains thatthe Greek letters, XES, which John wrote in Greek, are actually the Arabic phrase, Bismillah,which means, ìin the name of Allah.î

He says that what John saw, were actuallyArabic letters, which John could not read, but whichbore a resemblance to the Greek alphabet in which John wrote. It would have been pointlessto write symbols of another language, which couldnot be read by the Greek readers of Revelation. So it is very possible that the Arabic Bismillah,is indeed what john saw, and recorded in Greek letters. The First symbol of 666, are the Muslim crossedswords, the X character, a symbol of Islam andJihad. Which are often used by Muslims, on

flags and military symbols. Notice the handleson the swords. The Middle, E, symbol, is an Islamicsymbol called quot;Bismillahquot;, Arabic for ìAllah.î Or, quot;inthe name of Allahquot;. When you turn the Bismillah on its side and place it in a mirror, it formsthe same middle Greek character, as written byJohn. Notice the line drawn, above Allah. And thehook, on its end. The line, it is part of the word Allah, it is NOT an underline. Noticethe same hook in the line drawn by John. It matches theline, in the name Allah exactly. The 3rd character,

is theGreek character Stigma, which means quot;Markquot; or quot;badge of servitudequot;.The Greek XES or 666, has been noted not just in the Bismillah, but also in the Shahada.Which is the Islamic confession of faith. Which iswhat the Quran states, will be written on the badge ofservitude, on the day of judgement. The XES, has also been noted, on an IslamicChechen flag. Which bears the crossed swords andthe name Allahu Akbar, meaning ìGod is Greater.î This flag bears a striking resemblance tothe

Greek XES, as written by John. Even bearingthe line, above the letter E, in the name, Allah.It has also been noted, that in the Arabic calligraphy form, the name, Allahu Akbar,contains three sixes. Which can be clearly seen.Therefore a direct connection, between the name, Allahu Akbar and the number 666 canbe perceived. The Bible speaks about taking the mark, onthe forehead or right hand. It has been pointed out,that Muslims are already wearing marks, on

their foreheads and arms, as Islamic bannersof protest, and Jihad. So Muslims have alreadybeen conditioned to take the mark, as a symbol oftheir belief. The Greek word quot;Charagmaquot;, used for quot;mark,quot;means a stamp, an imprinted mark. So a follower ofthe Antichrist, will have a stamp on their body, or on some form of badge, to be placedon the forehead or arm. In John's time, the use forquot;Charagmaquot; was reserved for slaves in what wascalled, a badge of servitude. So, it's a badge,

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