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What will Heaven be like What does the Bible say about it 1080p HD available

Heaven: It's not what you think. Most people typically think of heaven in oneof two ways: either its a place with a bunch of angels with wings playing harps and anold guy with a white beard where they're all hanging out on a bunch of clouds. OR its aplace where everyone's worshiping Jesus 247 saying Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almightybut these people have a hidden fear they'll eventually get bored with worshiping Jesus247 for a billion years. Well neither of these portrayals are whatthe Bible actually says about Heaven, nor are they what the earliest Christians believed.

The Bible says Heaven will eventually be ona renewed earth, yeah you heard that right, a renewed or recreated earth as part of thenew heavensnew earth terminology used throughout Scripture. So this renewed and redeemed universewill occur when Jesus returns to make all things new and permanently removes the stainof sin which corrupted his originally good creation. Most scholars believe heaven on this new earthwill have a great capital city with buildings, art, music, and lots of people fellowshippingand engaging in productive activities as we'll be able to use the skills we acquired duringour lives and even learn new skills in heaven.

The New Earth will be a beautifully renewedand redeemed earth, completely healed from its brokenness and decay. It will have trees,rivers, and mountains. And of course there will be no more sorrow, crying, mourning,pain, sin, or death but only perfect peace, beauty, love, wholeness, and a permanent senseof complete fulfillment and joy. But before I go any further, I need to clarifysomething: the heaven we would go to if we died right now is not the permanent heavenon the new earth where we will live forever. The intermediate heaven is where we are immediatelypresent with Christ when we die but eventually we will be a part of the permanent heavenwhen we receive our resurrected and imperishable

bodies and live on the New Earth in our newbodies and that will be when Jesus returns to the earth to make all things new. See the word Heaven is by definition the placewhere God lives on his throne. So Rev. 21 tells us this ultimate heaven will be wherethe dwelling place of God comes down out of heaven and onto a renewed earth. Even Christsname as Immanuel is symbolic here as it means God with us. Hes not going to snatch us awayfrom his creation, which he originally said was good, but He will actually finish theredemption process and renew and redeem his good creation back to the way it was alwayssupposed to be before sin corrupted it.

So, if we were to die right now, it is truewe will go to heaven and be with Christ in a spiritual place without suffering (to beabsent from the body is to be present with the Lord) but that is not where we will liveforever. This intermediate heaven is not Purgatory either, which is a false doctrine, but thinkof it a place of WAITING, a waiting for Jesus to return to his creation to make all thingsnew, but during this waiting period, many scholars believe time itself will probablyseem to fly by as we wait for Jesus to return. So just like Jesus was buried in the tombbut was quickly resurrected on the third day, we too will eventually be resurrected in newbodies to live on the new earth in the permanent

heaven when Jesus returns to make all thingsnew.

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