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Biblical Prophecies Barack Obama

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Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I'm your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the CoProphet of the End times. The topic for today's program is the presidency of ournewly elected president, Barack Obama. A month or so before the election I warned the American people that BarackObama would be the last President of the United States and the Last King of theSouth. Since my first prophecy has come true, that is that he was electedpresident, my next two prophecies also will come true because Barack Obama isfound in Bible prophecy in Daniel, chapter 7

He is the personification of the Leopardwhich comes up out of the sea. The Leopard, of course, is the United Statesof America. And, he is also found in Daniel, chapter 11, where he is picturedas the Last King of the South. The Last King of the South will provoke the lastKing of the North, who is the premier of Russia, into worldwar three. Why is Barack Obama considered the Last King of the Southé Because his forebears came from Kenya which is due south ofJerusalem and of course Moscow is due north of Jerusalem. The reason BarackObama was elected is because not enough

Americans prayed and fasted before theelection, myself included. In fact, the Lord gave me a severe case of arthritisin my left shoulder because i did not pray and fast enough for my country. The Lord also revealed something else tome before the election which I could not let people know until now. On this program I will reveal how theLord wants us to act during the years that Obama is President of the UnitedStates. The Lord showed me that the presidency of Barack Obama will besimilar to the fate of the Israelites as

found in Jeremiah, chapter 27, where theyhad to accept the yoke of King Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon.Jeremiah tells the Israelites that they must accept the yoke of the king andthat things are going to get worse before they get better. Tthe same is true today. Do not listen tothe false prophets who think that America will survive the GreatTribulation. Our fate is that of Babylon in the Book of Revelation we will beburned with fire. However, if enough Americans pray andfast from this day forward, we can

mitigate the punishments which God willmete out to us. Let's read what Jeremiah says about thecaptivity of the Jews under king Nebuchadnezzar. In these passages we will discover that King Nebuchadnezzar's authority came from God himself. Llet's look at chapter 27, verse 6, 'nowhave I given all these lands into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar, the king ofBabylon, my servant'. God is saying here that King Nebuchadnezza,r although atyrant, was an instrument of God's will. That's why the Israelites had to acceptthe yoke of King Nebuchadnezzar. The

same is true for us in America. We mustrespect the office of the presidency; we must accept our legitimately electedpresident, President Barack Obama. In the next verse, 47 from chapter 27, iIam goingto substitute the word quot;peoplequot; for quot;kingdomquot;; 'and the people whichwill not serve Nebuchadnezzar and that will not put their neck under the yokeof the king of Babylon, these people I will punish with sword, famine andpestilence'. Now, I have a bit of advice for radio talkshow hosts, some of whichI listened to on a regular basis, do not criticize President Obama in the waythat the mainstream media criticized

Barack Obama Bible Prophecy and the Election

quot;Come thou Almighty King, teach us thy name to sing. Teach us to praise Father all glorious now and victorious come and reign over us ancient of days.quot; Well, that was mainly

to get my throat clear so I can dothis very brief tutorial on the elections and I should tell you, I am a registered Republican so I am sort of celebrating and the election was the good news, in other words, the policies of our President have been repudiated,however, that makes Barack Obama a much more dangerous leader. He is, after all, theLeopard

in Daniel 7:6. The leopard is a dangerousanimal. He is the lion in Jeremiah 50:44 and he is the last King of the South inDaniel 11:40. Obama will now fulfill his Bible Prophecy and incidentally, Ipredicted four years ago that the Republicans would win both the House andthe Senate. That prophecy was delayed buteventually it came true. I feel somewhat like Jonah in thatrespect. Jonah prophesied that Nineveh

would be destroyed in forty days. They were not destroyed inforty days because they repented enough to hold back that chastisementfrom Almighty God, however, Nineveh was eventually destroyed. And even the Super Bowl will eventually not be held eventhough the 44th Super Bowl was held and all of my predictions willeventually come true and that's because they are in theBible so it's not that hard to

understand, really. As the last King of the South in Daniel 11, he will provoke Putin who is the last King of the North. World War III began, as I predicted, back on November 23rd, 2010, and don't forget, Jesus said it would be quot;like a woman inlaborquot;, in other words, the events get worse

and closer together as time goes on. AndObama has been provoking Russia in Georgia, in Ukraine, in the Middle East throughout Egypt, in Syria and Iran and Bible Prophecy will now be fulfilledbecause Obama can do very little domestically when both the House and the Senate arein the hands of the opposite party.

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