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Biblical Proof Against Rapture

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Doug Stauffer Gods Wrath vs The PreTribulation Rapture

gt; Hello and welcome to this edition of prophecy in the news. I'm your host Kevin Clarkson our guest today is Doug Stauffer and we are glad to have you Doug. gt;gt; It's good to be here.

I always enjoy being on the set of prophecy in the news and boy the second time with you is exciting I'll tell you. It's just a real blessing to be here gt;Well we are looking forward to talking

about the pretrib rapture and we throw those words around but they are biblical concepts and I am excited about that. You spoke at our prophecy in the news conference last year, did you noté

gt;gt; Yes I did. I am looking forward to March I think you have one in Orlando again. gt; Spring 2015 and we want to invite you to take advantage of that. We have a marvelous Bible

prophecy conference lined up. You can go online and register or look at our magazine and find that information. gt;Hello I'm Kevin Clarkson excited to invite

you to the second annual Orlando Prophecy Summit, it's taking place this March 5 th, 6th, and 7th 2015 and I would love for you to be our guest. It's going to be in sunny Orlando, Florida as I

Gospel Movie Rapture in Peril 2 Man Can Never Become God

If we truly have the image of God, are we man or Godé Then with God's image, are we God or noté Even if man could live out all the truth that God expresses in His work, it still won't mean that man obtains God's image. Man can never become God. That much is clear. Brother Meng, Brother Yang. I've listened to what you've told us. I agree. Praise God. And the words of Almighty God are all truth, I believe. No doubt about it.

But what then do we make of God's words in Genesisé I don't get it. Since God made man in His own image, does that then mean that we have the image of Godé If it's true, are we man or Godé Which is correcté I can't tell. I can't clear it in my mind. Could you help me with ité God made man in His image. We know that He said this Himself. So is it wrongé Since it's in His own image that God made man,

it follows that we should have His image! So then isn't man the same as Godé Tell me how that's wrong! This is getting confusing. This is what it says in the Bible. Then with God's image, are we God or noté Now I'm not sure what to think. It's true we were made in His image. But is it right to say because of that we are Godé

It seems there are differences. I'm not sure. I don't think I agree. Because so far, I can't think of any fervent believer who's actually become God. Mm. Yes. My understanding of living out God's image is that man could magnify God, have a heart that reveres Him, submit to Him, worship Him and do His will. Such a man must be the one in His image and who does His will. Amen. Thanks be to God.

So uh, though he finally lives out God's image, man is man. (Right.) Am I way offé That was my opinion. Brother Meng, could you explain why this is if you don't mindé Mm. Of course. (Thanks be to God.) In Genesis, God did say to us, But He didn't say that He made God in His image or likeness. That God made man in His image and after His likeness doesn't mean he would make man into God.

Yes. That's true. That's right. What does He mean quot;imagequot;é What do you think He's saying hereé I'm not sure. The quot;imagequot; here refers to God's disposition, what God has and is, the substance of God's life, (Yes.) and as well as the truth. (Mm.) If man lives out the truth expressed by God, this image of truth will then have God's image.

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