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Biblical End Times Calendar

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What is the next event that will happen on Gods prophetic calendar

What characterizes a pretribulational Raptureposition is that for a pretribulationist, the next event that must occur on God's propheticcalendar is the catching away of the Church to meet the Lord in the air—1 Thessalonians4:1418. This is a time when Paul says quot;the dead in Christ,quot; those who have been a partof the Church from the time of Pentecost to the Rapture, will be resurrected, quot;caughtup to meet the Lord in the air, then those of us who are alive and remain to the comingof the Lord will be caught up to meet them and we will be forever with the Lord.quot;John 14:13 gives the destination of those who participate in the Rapture of the Church,we are going to the Father's house. And in

the Father's house there literally are manyrooms, and Jesus told His disciples that if He went away, He would prepare a place andHe would come again and receive us unto Himself, that where He is, there we may be with Himalso. So we are commanded in the New Testament, I believe, not to look for signs, not to lookfor wrath or the judgment of God, but to look for Jesus Christ who is going to appear inthe air to take us to be with Him. And that may happen at any time. We need to be readyat any moment to face our Lord Jesus Christ.

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