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Bible Seven Signs Of The Apocalypse

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The Biblical Truth about the 7 Seals in the Book of Revelation

The biblical truth about the seven sealsin the book of revelation. It is out of the need of so many people believing in what isn't written inthe book of revelation that I produce this tutorial. This tutorial covers in detail the opening or loosening of the seven seals and what they actually mean. Thedoctrines about the opening of the seals the foundations that the trumpets andthe tribulation theories are built on. Your understanding about the opening of the seals must be correct or you will be misled. So a quick visit to the bookof Daniel which is another prophetic book to help us understand the meaningof the seals in the book of Revelation

of the Bible. Daniel 8:26 quot;and the vision ofthe evenings in the mornings which was told is true. Therefore seal up the visionfor it refers to many days in the future. That is a prophecy. Daniel 9:24: To seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the Most Holy. Daniel 12:4 quot;Butyou Daniel shut up the words and seal this book until the time of the end, manyshow run to and fro, and knowledge shall increasequot; According to these three verses inDaniel, seals on a book or scroll are there to seal up visions, propheciesand words. And these visions prophecies and words will be understood as weapproach the time of the end and

as knowledge increases. Now we knowthat it is visions prophecies and words that are sealed in books and scrolls, solet's read about the seals in the book of Revelation relationship 25 and also in the rotationof him has sat on the throne fastgrowing region inside and on theback sealed with seven seals God spoke to me recently the law is written on theback of this scroll Jesus fulfilled the law and Hayes therefore with heat wipingtennis or strong angel proclaiming of alleged voice who is worthy to open thescroll and to lose its CEOs and no one

in heaven or on the floor under theyouth was able to open the scroll or look at it let's pause for a moment andreflect on what these fish he's actually signed at the time of this there was noone with any way he could open the scroll this would include jaysus that the crucified Jesus he's worthy sowe reached jaysus has Jesus Ben Harding for nearly two thousand years ago has henot yet completed his mission and ascended to heaven there is no otherchoice than Jesus has not yet ascended to heaven after his crucifixion so Iwhipped much because no one was found

with the door open and read the scrollor look at it but one of the elders said to me do not wait to hold the lawn ofthe tribe of Judah the Root of David has prevailed to open the scroll and toloose at seven seals jesus' the lawn of Judah has prevailed and completed hismission on another looked and behold in the midst of the throne and of the fourliving creatures and in the midst of the oldest to delay as target had beensline having 7 horns 7 eyes which are the seven spirits of God say tale toward the earth Jesus is narrowed it inheaven and it is interesting to note

that he is not yet seated at the righthand of the Father any kind and took the Sproul eight of the right hand of himwho sent on the throne according to this chapter in the first thing that Jesusdid off to his appearance in heaven was to take the scroll weight of the hand ofGod and when he had taken the scroll the four living creatures and the 24 eldersfell down before the layer having a hard and golden balls full of incense whichare the praise of the signs and they sing a new song sign you're worthy totake the scroll and 25 minutes see also are you a sliding it is clear that Jesushas now ascended into heaven and have

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