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Where We Are In Bible Prophecy Habakkuk

The Bible was written thousands of years ago,but it is as relevant as ever today. The Prophet Habakkuk's account is a prime example. Hediscussed three endtime catastrophes, followed by the greatest event in history. Discoverthe remarkable accuracy of the book of Habakkuk. Learn where we are in biblical prophecy next,on The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry. Greetings, everyone. Where ARE we in BibleprophecyƩ The booklet or book of Habakkuk tells us in very specific terms where we arein Bible prophecy, and this book gives us the big OVERVIEW. It discusses four greatevents, and in the process tells us exactly where we are in prophecy, and I mean getsvery, very specific and precise in many ways.

The first three events are very deadly anddangerous, and the last one is the most beautiful and a wonderful event that you could everimagine because it's going to bring a thrill, should bring a thrill to all of us about whatis coming upon this Earth, and I mean in a very few years. The first great event discussed here is aWAR, an actual WAR going on, a spiritual war between God's own people, perhaps the greatestwar in God's Church EVER because, well, it is great because there are a lot of peopleinvolved, and that means eternal lives are won or lost, so that is EXTREMELY serious.

The next great event is that a new SUPERPOWERis going to explode on the world scene, and it's not Russia, it's not China, it's notIran. It's a European power. And this European powerthenext great eventis going to start a NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III and it's all very clear rightthere in your Bible, written over 2500 years ago. The Earth is going to be have a majorCHANGE, though. The fourth great event tells about God fillingthe Earth with hope and joy forever. Now, that's something that I want to show you howit's going to be done, and why it's so CRITICAL to learn that now, so that we can have hopein our lives today BEFORE it actually is a

reality on this Earth, and for ALL mankind. So let's see where we are in Bible prophecyand see how specific and concrete that God does get in these prophecies. Habakkuk 2 andverse 2 from the Revised Standard Version. It reads: quot;And the LORD answered me: quot;Writethe vision;quot; which is a prophecy that I'll talk to you about today throughout the program,quot;make it plain upon tablets, so HE may run who reads it.quot; The very URGENT message, EXTREMELYurgent. Make it clear so people can run or really move fast because this prophecy iscoming fast at all of us. Verse 3: quot;For still the vision awaits itstime;quot; or its appointed time according to

the King James, quot;it hastens to the enditwill not lie.quot; It hastens to the END, right here in this end time, the end of the ageof man ruling over man. It HASTENS to that end, and this new Earth filled with joy andhope for all men and all women on this Earth. It goes on to say in verse 3: quot;If it seemslow, wait for it; it will surely come, it will not delay.quot; Surely that's one of themost urgent messages in all the Bible, TREMENDOUSLY urgent! A specific time appointed, it sayshere. This is a special time. And here's what the Anchor Bible Commentarystates: quot;These few prose particles are enough to show that the discourse is not general,but it is referring to specific topics, concrete

objects. God is getting extremely concreteand specific.quot; He discusses three individuals here I'll show you in the very first chapter,and tells you that you can determine who they are, certainly two of them have already beenon the scene, and you can PROVE that to yourself. Now, that shows you something in the Biblethat most people don't understand, but God gets SO SPECIFIC that ANYBODY ought to bemoved and stirred by what they read in their own Bibles. And of course, it also talks abouta great court brawl and a mighty empire that is already on the scene, but just waitingfor its strong man, and that is going to shock the world when that happens, and it probablywill happen this year or next. This Bible

Bible Prophecy Today Jeremiah Warns Israel

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I'm yourhost, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and theCoProphet of these End Times. This will be part 3 in my series on thatamazing end times prophecy which I just recently discovered in Jeremiah, chapternumber 23, and no one has ever understood that that chapter is an end times prophecy. That's because they did not understandthat Jeremiah sealed it up just like Daniel, Ezekiel and John did in theirprophecies through means of a hidden verse structure and, in this case,Jeremiah used a cryptogram, very much the

way John did in the book of Revelation.And the title of this chapter should be quot;woe to the pastorsquot; because that's thevery first words that Jeremiah uses. And the pastors Jeremiah is referring toare the false Protestant prophets, the false Jewish prophets, and the falseCatholic prophets. And if we look at Jeremiah's cryptogram, it's veryinteresting because you'll see that on the top line the verses read 1, 6, 11, 16,etc and the top line is primarily aimed at the false Protestant prophets and wewent over that in parts one and two of this series. Today, on this part,

I want to go over thesecond line which is primarily a warning to the Jewish false prophets in Israel. So, let's review verse 2 which I did talkabout a little bit in part 1: quot;Therefore thus says the LordGod of Israel (now this is different than verse onewhere God is called the quot;Lord of Righteousnessquot; and this is the sureindication that this second line of Jeremiah's program is directed at theJews in the modern nation of Israel) against the pastors that feed mypeoplequot;.

This is Jeremiah's clue that he istalking about the Jewish people. quot;My peoplequot; is the same phrase that Danielused. It refers to God's chosen people. quot;you have scattered my flock and driventhem away and have not visited them behold I will visit upon you the evil ofyour doings says the Lord.quot; Now quot;driving awayquot; and quot;scatteringquot; means that the falserabbis in Israel have driven the Jews away from the God of Abraham, Isaac andJacob. Now, by contrast, a true Jewish prophet like Natan, says that Israel can still save itself by teaching Torah and practicinggood works. In other words, the rabbis

must bring the Jews back to God ratherthan scattering the Jews. And that phrase, quot;I will visit upon you the evil of yourdoingsquot;, that is the first of 12 punishmentslisted by God in 23 and it responds to the very first phrase quot;woe upon thepastorsquot;. Verse 7: quot;Therefore, behold the days are coming, (this is another reference that Jeremiahis talking about the end times) says the Lord, that they shall say no more, theLord lives who brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt.

Now, the quot;theyquot;, in this case, refers to thefalse rabbis who no longer acknowledge the God of Israel who brought the chosenpeople up out of Egypt. In other words, they do not teach theTorah which Natan says they must teach if they want to save Israel. Now, this description of God as the onewho brought the children of Israel out of Egypt is further proof that this line 2of Jeremiah's cryptogram is a prophecy about the false prophets in Israel. Verse number 12: quot;Wherefore their way (the false rabbis way) shall be asslippery ways in the dark for they

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