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Bible Prophecy On Iran

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Bible Prophecy Iran Will Attack Israel

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled. I'm yourhost William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co Prophetof the End Times. This will be part 10 in my series on the Abomination of Desolationas spoken of by Daniel the prophet, especially as it refers to the end times nation of Israel.And I have been putting off part 10 and 11, until events in the Middle East progressedto the point where I had to do these two parts, and the events are occurring much quickerthan I thought they would. It is possible that Jesus is already shortening the days,and I want to warn you first of all, please don't listen to the all the false prophetson YouTube who are claiming that the events

in the Middle East are leading up to the Ezekiel38 war. That is a lie from the pit of hell. The events in the Middle East are leadingup to the Daniel 9 war, which talks about the destruction of Jerusalem. It's very easyfor the false prophets to talk about the destruction of Damascus. The Bible prophesized it willbecome a ruinous heap. We are seeing that before our eyes. What they don't warn youabout is the destruction of Jerusalem. Let's take a look at Daniel 9, verse 26. 'And afterthree score and two weeks, shall messiah be cut off, but not for himself'. Now in thenear time fulfilment of this prophecy, the Messiah of course was Jesus Christ. But inthe end times it will be the leader of Israel

and that today would be Benjamin Netanyahu,and I believe that is who Daniel is referring to in this prophecy. The three score and twoweeks refers to 62 years following Israel being named a state by the United Nations,and that occurred on November 29th 1947, and 62 years later will be 2009. So after thatdate the Messiah will be cut off, in other words Netanyahu will be removed as the primeminister of Israel. That doesn't necessarily mean he will be killed, as of course Jesuswas. I thought in a previous program I had said that but that may not necessarily betrue. It may simply mean that he will be cut off. 'And the people of the prince that shallcome shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.'

Now in the near time fulfilment of this prophecy,the prince who came to destroy Jerusalem was the Roman general Titus. However in the endtimes, this prince will be the Prince of Persia, and I will talk about that more in part number11. And the end shall be with a flood. This means that the destruction of Jerusalem willbe very swift and sudden. This is not the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman generalTitus, 'and to the end of the war', now what war is thisé This is not the Ezekiel 38 war;'desolations are determined'. So this Daniel 9 war is the war that Barack Obama is aboutto precipitate in the Middle East. Iran says that if Obama attacks Syria, they will attackIsrael, and they will. And under the international

rules of engagement, they have that right.Obama claims that when Assad used chemical weapons against his citizens, that was a violationof international law, but if he attacks Syria under international rules of engagement, Irandoes have the right to attack Israel. If you attack an ally of mine, I have a right toattack an ally of yours. Israel and the United States are allies. Iran and Syria are allies.Obama is not going to be able to go to the United Nations and tell them to stop Iranfrom attacking Israel, and make no mistake, Obama is going to wage war against Syria.He is not going to congress for authorization just to fire a shot across the bow as he hasclaimed. He is going to bring shock and awe

to Damascus, just like Bush did to Baghdad,and please don't listen to the false prophets who say that the seven years of Tribulationbegins by some kind of peace treaty between the Antichrist and Israel. The Antichristonly reigns for 42 months. The war in Daniel 9:26 precedes Daniel 9:27. Jesus said whenyou see the abomination of desolation, then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.He does not say that you flee when you see some kind of peace treaty with the Antichrist.Now the Antichrist will bring peace to Jerusalem, but the peace comes after this Daniel 9:26war. It comes after the war that Barack Obama is about to precipitate in the Middle East.Now in part number 11 in this series on the

What is the connection of Iran to Russia Syria Turkey and Libya

Ankerberg: Talk about the connection in Ezekiel38 that Iran has to Russia, to Syria, to Turkey, to Libya. How does all that go togetheréDeYoung: Well, those nations you just mentioned are a part of that alliance that's goingto be formed, as foretold by Ezekiel the prophet. But let's come back to today. When you lookat Russia and Iran, you've got to recognize the capability to develop that nuclear weaponof mass destruction did not come out of their brain power; it came from Russia. The technicians,the technology, all given to the Iranians for the purpose of helping to develop thisnuclear weapon of mass destruction. They continue to add to it. Russia and the leader of Iran,Rouhani, the new president, recently signed

an agreement, a trade agreement, a militaryarms agreement, because they're both being sanctioned now by the major players in theworld, the world leaders, the European Union and the United States. So they say, “Hey,we're in the same boat. Let's join forces and we'll start doing these trade agreementsfor each other and that'll help our economic situation as well.�Hezbollah, they're located in southern Lebanon. In 1982 the Ayatollah Khomeini sent thesepeople, part of the Revolutionary Guard, into southern Lebanon with the purpose of havingan operation, a surrogate terrorist group there, to be able to deal with Israel. I couldgo on and on, but at least these are the players

that are connected with Iran today, whichis what Bible prophecy calls for.

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