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Bible Prophecy July 12 2013

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MidEast Prophecy Update July 10th 2016

All right. Well let's get to today'sprophecy update. I sense that the Lord would have meshare with you something that he had ministered to me in light of the eventsof last week. And what a week it was. First though, I hope you'll bear with meuntil we get to the conclusion of today's update, which is why I wanted toget to it. I want to sort of recap the busy andI'll add Grievous week that we just witnessed here in America. If you'reanything like me, and I suspect you are, it was really a hard week. I found myselfweeping more than once,

just such a difficult week. From theannouncement by the FBI director James Comey at the beginning of the week tothe assassination of police officers and everything in between towards the end of the week. And thiseven on going as we speak. I was watching just this morning, as the protests, if youcan imagine. continue. I suppose you could say thatwhile we as Christians shouldn't be surprised or alarmed, it is at the very least very disturbing.Surprising, no; disturbing,

yes. I'll begin with what was arguablythe most disturbing news from last week, starting with this Times of Israel report from yesterday.And you'll forgive me for quoting other news sources, other than, if i can help it,other than domestic here in the US, because again you'll forgive me, butthe media here in the United States of America is just, it's really bad, and it's getting worse, sadly.

That's not to say that these other newssources are necessarily that much better, but they are certainly better than thenews. Just to give an example, I'm watching onmy multiple TV screens as all of this is unfolding, and in the wake of five policeofficers being assassinated by this demon possessed man, and he's a demonpossessed, was a demonpossessed man. You have to be demonpossessed to do whathe did. CNN is focusing on the police who are, aswe'll talk about hear more in a moment, guilty without even having theopportunity to be proven innocent.

And that's all they'reshowin. They're not showing the people who pulled over and stood up and honoredthis fallen hero, whose life was taken by this demon possessed man.They weren't showing that on CNN. They showed it on Fox, to their credit. But on CNN, they're showing the Baton Rouge and the other, i forget where it was, thatit took place. There was two of them last week, righté Well the Times of Israel reports on howthat thousands of protesters are continuing to take to the streets. Theydid so Friday, and yesterday, and even as

of today as well, under the banner ofpeaceful protests. And this after what they're calling a black extremists, that's what they're calling him, shotdead five police officers, during what was supposed to be a peaceful marchagainst police brutality, in Texas. While the White House ruled out any linkbetween the gunman and known terrorist organizations, there was a problem. The problem is, is that Micah Johnson's facebook pageties him to a number of organizations

MidEast Prophecy Update July 3rd 2016

all right well for today's prophecyupdate I'm going to kindly ask that you bear with me as I sort through allthat's happened just this last week even up to this morning I mean what a crazy busy busy week interms of Bible prophecy I'm hoping that once we do this we canconnect the prophetic dots as it were in order to have a better understanding ofthe significance of all that is happening and this last week hashappened we began the week with the continued tofall out of Britain getting out of the

EU chief of which is now the move tocreate a new super state have you heard about this according tothe Russia times this is on Monday it was a leaked documenta Polish broadcaster claims that there is a bombshell plan to create asuperstate led by a Paris Berlin alliance it seems that Germany and France haveaccording to one source prepared a plan to reform the European Union whichenvisages deep integration of EU member states

it's believed that if the proposeddocument is implemented it will enable them to set up a single Europeansuperstate in lieu of the European Union as we know it today as I mentionedlast week this in the final analysis may haveprofound prophetic implications as it relates to the prophecies in the Book ofDaniel and the book of Revelation and it bears watching in the days and weeksthat lie ahead if anything it is a further lining up ofall of the nations in all of the world at the time of the end

you know it's sad and I was thinkingabout this last week brexit is almost already old news think about that and for a number ofreasons not the least of which is that last week was riddled with the Islamicstate terrorist attacks that ensued starting on Tuesday in Istanbul at theairport according to Fox News 42 were killed and238 were wounded then Tuesday's Islamic state terroristattack in Turkey was followed by Friday's Islamic state terrorist attackin Bangladesh which according to the

Washington Post left an American deadalong with 19 others then Friday's Islamic state attack inBangladesh was followed by today's Islamic state attack in Baghdad in Iraq just this morning I don't you know if you heardabout it the death toll is still going up and last I checked this morning before ileft it was a hundred and twentysix and climbing this after at least two carbombs were detonated in a busy shopping district

keep in mind that this is still Ramadanand the Muslim is promised greater treasures in paradise if they are martyrs if they die in Jihadduring Ramadan and that is why we see this uptick as of late Ramadan ends next week it was thisIslamic terrorist attack that really caught my attention it was on Thursday it was in Israel aMuslim Arab terrorist just stabbed to death a 13 year old girlwho was an American citizen get this

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