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Bible Prophecy Happening Now 2015

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Bible Prophecy 2015 Obama vs Putin

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I am your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the CoProphet of these End Times. I am beginning a series on propheciesfor 2015 and I call this program quot;BibleProphecy 2015: Obama versus Putinquot;. And I have beenhere on YouTube over six years explaining that both Putin and Obama are found

in Bible prophecy. In fact, Daniel chapternumber 11 is all about the defeat of America by Russia andthe key verse is verse number 40. All the other44 verses point to that verse. And I haveexplained many many times on here that Vladimir Putin is the last king ofthe North and Barack Obama is the last king of theSouth and I believe that Putin must nuke America this year.

I don't believe Jesus is going to shorten the days any longer. In fact, if Putin does not nuke America thisyear, I believe the Illuminati will replacehim with someone who will nuke America. So now, let'swatch a short clip from a tutorial which I posted here on YouTube way back on September 9th, 2008: 'Well, it's interesting if you lookon a map, you'll see that there is a country due south of Jerusalem and that country

is Kenya and we are considering forPresident, even today, a man whose forebears came from Kenya. Could Obama be the next and last king of the Southé The king of the South who will lose World War III to the de facto premier of Russia, namely Vladimir Putin.' So, as you can see, over the years, my message has notchanged. How many more days, weeks and monthsdo you think

our Lord is going to give usé I have beenwarning America for six years. Before me came a really greatProphet to America: Dumitru Duduman, and I havebeen watching his tutorials lately. You really should watch them, also. Hesuffered a great deal to bring his message to America and I'll put his name on the screen and I won't put his links below 'cause you can check it out yourself. And he specifically mentions theAmerican cities that will be nuked: New York, Miami, Seattle,

Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, in fact, you will notice those cities are near bodies of water. And I have said many times on this program, you must leave all four locations of Babylon. Remember, John says: quot;Go out from her, my people, if you want toavoid her plagues and her sinsquot;. And her spiritual locationis in a desert. John says he goes into the desert and he sees

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