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Bible Prophecy Gog And Magog

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Bush Told Chirac Iraq Invasion Was About Biblical Prophecy

though i didn't share the soviets thisalso sent in my list their uh. seventy seven and as a story from all today it set up a new book has come out by afrench journalist john clark maurice and enough book uh. former of french president jacqueschirac has confirmed uh. something that both holdem andback in at two thousand three when he was lobbying world leaders to gointo iraq now this is

seems unbelievable at this point ofcourse you wonder why what's left to believe and i believe a minute forsuch crazy right but apparently or is that true art bush came up to and said hey we gotta goin iraq because the biblical creatures dog and my dog artwork in the middleeast and they must be defeated the short was so confused seasidecontent

the sky talking about which plan is hefrom medical half of the meeting and consult with an expert that theywent on to thomas rover he's oppressor steffi ology in france set haven't explained what got him a god it's by the way he argued that velvet quote from the bible oldtestament prophecy when that thousand years are expiredsavechildren loose and a vicepresident

angelo i couldn't see the nation's whichare on the four corners of the truth god and my god to gather them togetherto battle a fire came down from got out of heaven and devour them so these guys are coming to devour us ofbush is going to save us patni begin understand why don rumsfeld uh. would put biblical verses on the reports for us

and the verses from the bible was saidlike you have to conquer them you are the great conqueror and i want you to do this docile didn't give a damn about religionbeloved by everyone port he couldn't care less he did it because he knew the presentwasn't idiot and was their religious sellerfundamentalists so is it lots of trick that dumbass

by friday in this scripture all god saidto conquer god and my god but i think i got the guts of over there and that is contacted about slow worldleaders and talk about this is one more caller from her uh. appellate soca right this confrontation is will by god who was seizes conflict the races people's enemies

Tom Hughes America in the New World Order

gt;Today's churches need topreach Bible prophecy. And here to talk about thatsubject is the pastor of just such a church: 412 Church inSan Jacinto, California, Tom Hughes. Good to talk withyou once again, Tom! gt;gt;It'sgreat to see you Gary. By the way, it'salways good to see you. gt;Oh,yeah! gt;gt;I love talking about Bibleprophecy, I love watching yourshow. It's just amazing what God is doing inthe world of Bible prophecy,too. gt;Well Tom and I always have very animatedconversations because we've got

a lot in common. We're going tobe talking about prophecy today, and itsrelevancy in churches. Tom, you'reaffiliated with, in fact you are the pastor of 412Church, in a mixed community out there inSan Jacinto California, but it's more than just SanJacinto. It's a surrounding group of populations in avalley. Tell us about it. gt;gt;Itis the San Jacinto valley is whatit really is. And it is a verydiverse

population. God had called meto go out there and be thesenior pastor of the church about twelveyears ago, been out there eversince. It's exciting, Gary. One of thethings God did in me as He did with you, was Heinspired me to study Bible prophecy. Minegoes back to around 1990, maybe even before thatwhen I really started to engage in Bible prophecy. Whathappened was when I became a pastor, I felt like I looked atthe church and I realized

the church needs to understandthat Jesus is coming back.These aren't just fairy tales. This is real.gt;Right. gt;gt;As real as it was inthe days of Noah with the flood andNoah's preaching righteousness. Listen, the flood is coming. Itis real today. Jesus is coming again. And I believe that He'scoming soon, and the churchneeds to be prepared, but not just thechurch. The world needs to knowthat Jesus is coming because there'sa world out there that needshope and they need forgiveness. gt;There's kind of a cynicism outthere today because everythinghas

been tried to 'save the world'and the world just continues to collapse.Socioeconomically, a number of dramatic events arehappening today from China from the Middle East allthe way through Europe andAmerica, South America, everybody's a littleunstable these days. And people are looking for answers.gt;gt;Yeah. gt;And I don't thinkthey're getting very many answers.gt;gt;They're not getting answers.And what's interesting, the governments ofthe world are trying to say wehave the

answer for you. I'm sure we'llget into forming a oneworldgovernment and that sort ofthing. But people really need to knowthe truth. What I'm finding is there's adynamic. There's a dynamic of people a generation that'srising up right now. Forexample, the generation of themillennialists as they arecalled that are in a sense, they're written off bythe church and they're writtenoff also by teachers, by politicians,and so forth. However God loves themillennial people.

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