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The Importance of Bible Prophecy Updated

gt;gt;Bible prophecy is one of themost ignored topics in churches today. Pastors avoidit like a plague. They usually assert that it is either toocontroversial or too difficult to understand. And they oftenclaim it is too otherworldly, meaning it has no relevance toChristian living here and now. The result is that onefourthto onethird of God's Word has been put on the shelf, and theaverage Christian ends up living with no anticipation oreven yearning for the Lords'

soon return. For apresentation about the vital importance of Bibleprophecy, stay tuned. ♪gt;gt;Lamb and LionMinistries presents Christ inProphecy, a program that focuses on the fundamentals ofBible prophecy, showing how current events in the newsrelate to Biblical predictions of end time events and thesoon return of Jesus. Now, here's your host, David Reagan.

gt;gt;Greetings inthe name of Jesus, our BlessedHope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy. Thanks for tuning into our program. I hope it will prove to be a blessing to you.As I said at the opening, I want to talk with you aboutthe vital importance of Bible prophecy. There are two areasof God's Word that have been terribly ignored and abused inthe history of the Church. They are the opening of theBible and the conclusion of

the Bible; the books ofGenesis and Revelation. People have tended to spiritualizethe opening of the Bible by claiming that the 6 days ofCreation were really 6 million or 60 million or 600 millionyears. And, folks, when you start out spiritualizing theBible by claiming that it doesn't really mean what itsays, there is a tendency to do the same thing with theending of the Bible arguing that the book of Revelationreally doesn't mean what it

says. But the abuses of Bibleprophecy applies to more than just the book of Revelation itapplies to all of God's Prophetic Word. And thatfolks, is a shame, because the study of Bible prophecy isvery important for many reasons. In just a moment I'mgoing to share with you some comments I made about theimportance of Bible prophecy. They were made at a Bibleconference sponsored by Jan Markell's Olive TreeMinistries in Minneapolis,

Minnesota. In the process ofthat presentation I presented nine reasons why allChristians should be interested in studying God'sProphetic Word. gt;gt; I want to give you somereasons why every Christian should be interestedin studying Bible prophecyand number one is this: the quantity. Bill,mentioned this, the quantity,

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