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Bible Prophecy For The Last Days

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America and Britain in Prophecy

All nations are now rushing toward the conclusionforetold to occur in the quot;last days.quot; Humanity plunges ahead—blind, pleasurecrazed andlargely detached from important world events occurring daily.American, British, Canadian and other Western leaders would take action, if they only knewwhat lies ahead. Great prophetic truths, revealing amazing—truly astonishing!—climactic changesto stagger all civilization, go unrecognized. In fact, the entire world remains in ignorance—whyéYou can learn what vast millions have not understood! The World to Come. The Restored Church ofGod presents David C. Pack. Author of 80 books

and booklets. Editorinchief of The RealTruth magazine. Read by countless and growing numbers in every nation and territory of theworld. In a violent age full of bad news. Answering life's greatest questions straightfrom the Bible, and announcing the wonderful good news of the World to Come. And now, DavidC. Pack. Everyone wants to know what the future holds.So many are confused, not knowing where to turn for answers to the great questions aboutthe future! Many have opinions, but few recognize how to find the answers. Others think theyalready understand the prophecies of the Bible. They are wrong about what is lifechangingknowledge.

Aweinspiring prophecies recorded long agohave been fulfilled. Others are now coming to pass. Still others are yet to occur. Theseinvolve the greatest nations in the history of the world—and are part of a divine purposefar beyond the imagination of the world's most brilliant minds!About onethird of the Bible is prophecy—history written in advance. Over 80 percent of thisfuture history is yet to be fulfilled. Tragically, most Bible readers are completely unawareof awesome, impending world events, soon to shock all nations—focusing first on thegreatest nations. Vast sections of Scripture are hidden from them. Thus, most simply haveno idea what the future holds. Even those

who are interested in learning remain tangledin a Gordian knot of disjointed, confusing, competing popular ideas and opinions.This need not be you! God intended these quot;great nations propheciesquot;be understood, or He would not have recorded them. They involve events no man could carryout—but God can—and their fulfillment does not hinge on the thinking or agreementof human beings. God's Word is sure and all would do well to take heed—to pay attention!—towhat God makes known. The most educated, prosperous and influentialcivilizations have all come and gone, with no exceptions. The pattern of history is thatRome, Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Persia, and

other powerful, developed empires, rose todizzying heights before crumbling and final collapse. Will America's and Britain's futurebe the sameé Everything is at stake for the AngloSaxonpeoples—literally. Cataclysmic prophecies must yet be fulfilled—and these will soonbegin to crash upon unsuspecting populations. You can, indeed you must, understand all thatlies ahead for hundreds of millions. The ultimate future of the American and Britishpeoples is astounding, with their greatest period of prosperity and world influence yetahead. But this time will not come as leaders, planners and thinkers believe.What precedes it is totally unexpected.

The Bible is a jigsaw puzzle, and it mustbe permitted to interpret itself. Most have never heard this. When related Bible passagesare assembled in clear and concise form, the prophecies about America and Britain (andcertain other Western countries) are not difficult to understand. In fact, you will wonder whyso few have been able to comprehend them. God has left a plain message in His Word—aclear path—for those willing to read and understand, and willing to accept blunt warnings,impossible to misunderstand. Suppose you could know the direction and conclusionof world events—world history—in advance of the outcome. What if you could know thecourses of nations before they happené What

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