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When Christ Returns

Where is the world goingé Why is it filledwith problems, troubles, evils and ills, which cause so much unhappiness, confusion and miseryof every kindé What lies aheadé Is there hope for a different—and trulybetter—worldé There is! A wonderful world—unlike anythingever seen or imagined on Earth—is coming. Its arrival is certain. And this broadcastpresents what it will be like! The World to Come. The Restored Church ofGod presents David C. Pack. Author of 80 books and booklets. Editorinchief of The RealTruth magazine. Read by countless and growing numbers in every nation and territory of theworld. In a violent age full of bad news.

Answering life's greatest questions straightfrom the Bible, and announcing the wonderful good news of the World to Come. And now, DavidC. Pack. Almost everything occurring in today's worldcan only be described as all wrong! Why, when things go wrong, do so few search for thecauseé Every effect—good or bad—can be tracedto a root cause. Conversely, every cause brings an effect. Since the world is filled withbad effects, why do so few examine the causeé Why do scientists, educators, religionists,and other socalled “expertsâ€� and “thinkersâ€� primarily devote their efforts to addressingthe effectsé

Think for a moment. The world is filled withproblems of every conceivable nature—and they are only growing worse, and greater innumber. Therefore, the headlines of today's newspapers are filled with bad news. Hereis a sampling of headlines we are all too familiar with:“Suicide Bombings Increase�, “More Countries with Nuclear Weapons�, “Sniper Kills Ten,Wounds Twenty�, “HIV to Kill Ten Million Annually—and Rise�, “Market Crashes—Recession,Even Depression, on Horizon�, “CEO Indicted—Billions Missing�, “God Banned from Schools�,“Typhoon Kills Thousands�, “Record Drought Grips (you fill in the country)�, “PollutionChokes All Nations�, “More Dead Zones

in Oceans and Lakes�, “Over 100,000 Starveto Death Daily�, “500 Million Contract Malaria Annually�, “Swine Flu Now a Pandemic,�“3 of 4 Marriages Suffer Adultery�, “Twothirds of InnerCity Births Illegitimate�, “3,000New Porn Websites Appear Daily�, “Drug Lords Cause Civil War�, “Riots Kill 75�,“SameSex Marriage Now Lawful!�, and on and on and on.In reality, these headlines are reporting nothing more than a long list of bad effects.Since man does not know the causes to his troubles, world problems only grow greaterand humanity's general state of misery only seems to compound with the passing of time.Headlines scream worse and worse messages

to those who can bear to read them.I ask, whyé While news organizations know that bad newssells, all people long for good news in their own lives—while also hoping that the worldimproves. Most people assume that, somehow, problems will eventually “work out alright,â€�merely because they want them to. People yearn to enjoy peace, happiness, abundance,wellbeing, good health, and general prosperity. Let's ask: Could these things happen foreveryoneé Could they become universalé Could all the peoples of the world come to enjoyall these conditionsé Is it possible that the problems now plaguing civilization onsuch a grand scale could abate—and eventually

disappearé Could newspapers one day find themselvesonly able to report good news—and everywhereé Instead of the preceding headlines, couldthese replace themé: Let's start with food. Picture these headlines:“Food Production Sufficient to Feed Entire World—With Plenty to Spare!â€�, “All ChemicalFertilizers Banned—Soil Begins to Heal from Years of Neglect and Abuse!â€�, “Food NowMuch More Nutritious—and Tastes Better, Too!â€�Now how about diseaseé “All Deadly Viruses Eradicated—Including HIV, Ebola, West Nile,H1N1, Polio and Smallpox!â€�, “All Lethal Bacteria Disappearâ€�, “No More Fatal Illness—Cancer,Strokes, Heart Disease, Diabetes and All Other

Pastor Steven Anderson The Book of Revelation Chapter 8 of 22

Now in Revelation chapter 8, we're enteringa new phase in the book of Revelation, because we are getting into God pouring out his wrath,and his judgment upon the unbelieving world. Look at verse number 1, the Bible reads quot;Andwhen he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of halfan hour. And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seventrumpets.quot; Now it always boggles my mind how anyone can read the book of Revelation, andread these two verses, and walk away not understanding that the trumpets come after the seals. Imean, it seems pretty simple doesn't ité Because the opening of the seventh seal is characterisedby these seven angels being given seven trumpets.

So it makes absolutely no sense to say thatthe trumpets come before the seals. However, those who believe in a pretribulation rapture,that is exactly what they believe, believe it or not. When you talk to them, they willusually tell you that the sixth seal judgment is actually after the trumpets. And it justmakes absolutely no sense. Now, let me just prove this to you quickly, because I thinkthis is a really important point to make, and I'm going to explain to you why thosewho are pretrib, resist the clear and obvious truth that the trumpets follow the seven seals.And I am going to prove that a couple of different ways in a moment. But not only that, mostpeople who call themselves, quot;posttribquot;, they

call this the quot;classic historical posttribpositionquot;. They actually believe that the rapture takes place not only after what theBible calls the tribulation, but also after God pours out His wrath. They believe thatwe'll be here during God's outpouring of wrath on this earth. I don't call that positionquot;posttribquot;, I call what I believe quot;posttribulationquot;. I call what they believe quot;postwrathquot;, okayéBut honestly, that view is also based on the same mistake of believing that the trumpetsdo not follow the seals. And so by proving that the trumpets come after the seals, Iam proving that the only way that you can legitimately interpret the book of Revelation,and end times Bible prophecy, is a posttribulational,

prewrath rapture. It's the only thing thatmakes sense in light of that. Because anyone can look at this and see. Well, let's justget into it. In Revelation chapter 8, verse number 2 it says quot;And I saw the seven angelswhich stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets.quot; Then if you jump down toverse 6 it says quot;And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselvesto sound.quot; Verse 7. quot;The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled withblood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up,and all green grass was burnt up.quot; And of course we are going to get into all thosejudgments and what they are. But notice, right

away, when the trumpets begin to be blown,the first thing God tells us is that fire is raining down, and that all the green grassin the earth is burned up, and that a third of the trees are burned up. That's going tobe important. Let's back up to chapter 6. And I'm going to explain to you why this isso important. You go to Revelation 6, I'm going to read to you from Matthew 24. AndI'm going to explain to you why those who believe in a pretrib rapture MUST try tosmuggle in the trumpets before the seals, or during the seals, and mix those two judgments.Let me explain to you why. Go to Revelation 6, I'll read for you the familiar verses fromMatthew 24, beginning in verse 29. quot; Immediately

after the tribulation of those days shallthe sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall fromheaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shakenquot;. Now that verse makes it VERY clearthat the sun and moon being darkened, and the stars falling comes AFTER the tribulation,doesn't ité Okay, well look down at your Bible there in Revelation chapter 6, verse 12. TheBible reads quot;And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a greatearthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; Andthe stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, whenshe is shaken of a mighty wind.quot; So right

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