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Daniel 9 Prophecy Chart now on Web Site

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I am your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the CoProphet of these End Times. This will be just a very brief tutorial for you, mysubscribers, that if you go to my thirdeaglemedia. com website you can now unload my explanation chart of Daniel 9:26 and 9:27 and I will explain in a minute how you can do that.

The reason this is important is becausevery soon you will have to explain to themany widows and orphans here in America and also in Israel why God has allowedthe great punishments to come upon our planet. And if people listen to the false prophets,and most of them will, they will not be prepared. This is whyZachariah says that quot;you false prophets are going to be killedeven by your parentsquot;. Whyé Why is that so serious

that you should be killedé Because youdid not warn the people. You did not let them know that Daniel 9:26 and 27 is not about theAntichrist signing some kind of Peace Treaty with Israel. An awful lot of people today believe we cannot be in the Tribulationbecause such a confirmation of a covenant has not yetoccurred but I am telling you that it is occurringright now!

It is a confirming of a covenant by Prime Minister Netanyahu and he has been confirming it since 2009. The End is almost upon us for bothJerusalem and the United States. So now, let me show you how to download this chart. Now first, you go to my website, as I say, and on the upper lefthand side, click on the quot;Daniel Unsealedquot; tab and when you do that,

then click on the quot;Chapter number 9quot; part and under that therewill be two PDF files. And on the right handside the file says quot;Daniel's 70 Weeks Chart PDFquot; so click on that and then two different sheets like this are shown. Move your cursor to the lower right hand side and a group of icons will appear. That's at the lower right. And on the second from the right icon

click on that and download the files toyour computer. Now when you do that and when you print offthose files, be sure to make it as large as possible. I alwaysclick on the part that says quot;Fill Entire Pagequot;. Now, once you've done that and once you have downloaded those two pages, they will look like this and thenwhat you do is trim off the excess white and black sections. And then whatI do is I attach it to a poster board

Bible Prophecy in Dow Jones Numerology

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I am your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the CoProphet of these End Times. Once again, I want to thank one of my subscribers, Victor Yuu, for bringing to my attention that the Dow Jones average yesterday ended at 15,666.44and of course that number is very significant as you mysubscribers already understand. Now, Paul Begley did a tutorial on this yesterday andhe understands it partially; he understands the obvious, and that is of course that666 in Bible Prophecy refers to an individual and that is the Antichrist,and 44 of course refers to Barack Obama

because he is our 44th President. Now Begley does not understand that 44 is also President Obama's number in BibleProphecy because in Daniel chapter 7 verse number 6, he is the quot;leopard thathas four heads and four wingsquot;. And of course, Paul Begley really does not understand the significance of the number 15 because that is also a person. It can bethe year, in other words this prophecy could very well be fulfilledthis year in 2015, but since 666 refers to an individual, 44 refers to anindividual, it's only logical that 15 would also refer to anindividual and we all know on this

channel that that refers to the BlessedVirgin Mary and that's because 15, Mary, is going to defeat 666, the Antichrist,who in turn will defeat 44, Barack Obama. That's because Obama is one of the three kings which the Antichrist brings down. And I am absolutely sure that this is one morewarning from Almighty God that Daniel 11 is also going to be fulfilled. In Daniel 11, this sequence is reversed. The first 12 verses are in a 444 sequence referring to Barack Obama. The next 18 verses are in a 666 sequence referring to the Antichrist, and the last 15 verses, the victoriousverses, are arranged in a 555

sequence symbolizing Mary's Rosary andMary's defeat of Satan and the Antichrist in these End Times. And actually, this is the second time in as many weeks that Almighty God has warned us about thedefeat of Barack Obama and I am referring to that amazing tutorial where Vladimir Putin's face appeared in that murmuration of birds in New York City. Now Daboo7 has done a tutorial debunking that amazing tutorial and he is mistakenbut I did follow his advice. He said go to photo forensics and use that as a toolfor determining if tutorials are photoshopped or CGI and I took hisadvice. Now he says in his debunking

tutorial that the mumurations of birds appear as a white blob but, all you have to do is to put in other murmuration imagesand you get the same thing. In other words, they also appear as white blobs. In fact, Daboo7's example of putting the image through photo forensics proves thatit is accurate, that the tutorial of Putin's face in that murmuration of birds is true becauseyou get the same effect when you put any other murmuration of birds through photoforensics. So, once again, it's amazing to me that Almighty God is continuing towarn us that Daniel 7, Daniel 11, Revelation 17 and 18, and I should mention that inRevelation 17 and 18, the Whore of Babylon which is

primarily Britain and America aredestroyed by the Scarlet Beast which is primarily Russia in these End Times. Allof these amazing signs from the Dow Jones average of yesterday, 15,666.44 that refers tothis same prophecy out of Daniel and Revelation. The scarlet billboard in that murmurationtutorial, that also refers to the Scarlet Beast in the book of Revelation. And so, Idon't know how many times Almighty God is going to warn us. I mean, He gave usDaniel, he gave us St. John's Apocalypse and now He is reminding us that these propheciesare about to come true. Maybe Paul Begley

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