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Bible Prophecy Australia

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Prophecy for Australia Kangaroo Vision Things Are Turning Around Tutorial 2014

I have a word regarding Australia Hi, I'm James Dilley with Wings And Revelations Oh yeah ! Okay! This morning I woke up had a like a prayer walk a time of prayer where I also walked I was on purpose and intentional And doing what I knew to do

for a situation that I'm facing So anyhow fast forward past that I have a word regarding AUSTRALIA a Vision and a Revelation So this is kind of interesting I get back in from my prayer walk and I have some breakfast French toast, just to get another country in there too

And I don't have a word about France huhhuh But I do have a word about Australia That's what this tutorial is about After breakfast, it was early So I went ahead and was getting a little more rest I'm in my bed, I think my eyes were closed

I am facing up, I am thinking about the LORD GOD will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are stayed on Him So I am thinking about the time I spent walking and praying I don't know just 3040 minutes prior to that And I see a kangaroo, now I see it like this and then it hops

and then it hops And I know that it's hopping again and again Now, but the vision, the vision that I saw was it hopping Now that was about the extent of the vision But I knew, I knew that it was going to continue to hop and so I am thinking HUM, that's interesting.

What does this meané What is the meaning of thisé So I heard or I received, I should say It was like a download, like instantly revelation is Boom! It unpacked and it was: Things in Australia are turning around THINGS IN AUSTRALIA ARE TURNING AROUND! See

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