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Islamic State ISIS and Bible Prophecy

Hi. I'm training to be an End Time Survivor. I'm trying to listen and learn, so I can live in the last days. Today, I want to talk about Islam and Bible Prophecy. We usually add pictures to our tutorials, to make them more interesting. We didn't take much time for that with this one.  Later we may be able to add more artwork. Many people ask us how the Islamic State fits in with Bible prophecy. People rarely agree on any prophecy,so you may need to work out for yourself what some prophecies mean, and how they will change your life.

The bottom line is “how they change your life�. If prophecy does not change lives, it can be dangerous. Prophecy is often used to promote bigotry and fear.  We don't want to be part of that. I will say 3 things about Islam in this tutorial, without a clear conclusion for any of them. I. The Antichrist World Government We accept the teaching about which empire replaced the Greek Empire:  the Roman Empire. But we do not believe the final empire must come from Rome. That teaching is popular  if you see the Roman Catholic Church  as the source of the Antichrist.

The Antichrist government  could come from anywhere. We think it will come from 10 members of the U.N. Security Council. Tutorials on this channel teach about the 5 permanent members of the Security Council. Many see Islam as the final world government. The Islamic empire outgrew the Roman Empire,but it was never unified. The Bible says the last government is very cruel. Islam has always been a cruel religion. Size and cruelty could make Islam either the 4th empire or the final one. But we are slow to accept the Islamic State as the source of the Antichrist.

The reason:  The Bible says the Antichristwill be charismatic, and bring world peace. It is more likely that the Antichrist will bring an end to Islamic cruelty. Bible prophecy sees all political powers as evil, even though some are more evil than others. A political divide between the good and the bad is contrary to the teachings of Jesus. 2.  Islam and Violence Nevertheless, Islam as a whole is extremely violent.  To be fair, the Old Testament is very violent too. A race between the Old Testament and the Koran over who is more violent, will be very close. But the teachings of Jesus show both religions to be exceedingly cruel and violent.

Sadly, institutional Christianity still lives largely in the Old Testament They believe God needs armies, and they defend Israel even when Israel is inhumane and cruel. But true Christians see Jesus as superior to any other character in the Bible. It may not be practiced as it should be, but Christianity as Jesus taught it, is the most nonviolent religion ever set up. Muslims may say Islam does not promote violence. They say passages that speak of killing infidels are only talking about acting in selfdefence. But ask them who is the greatest authority on interpreting the Koran. The Koran says that Mohammed is. Unless Muslims challenge that part of the Koran, they must admit that another book (The Hadith), gives the true interpretation of the Koran.

The Koran may allow peaceful interpretations, But what Mohammed says in the Hadith does not. The Islamic State is, in fact, preaching pure Islam, as taught by the Koran and by Mohammed. Islam teaches that conquest is a part of God's will.It also says Muslims can lie, to deceive infidels. So don't be confused by people who say that most Muslims are peaceful. The religion is officially and extremely violent.  Until they kill us all, their books won't let them stop. 3. The Kingdom of Heaven But the message of Jesus is that God judges us individually not by our religion. Aligning with Christianity or with Judaism will not save anyone

The Best Channel on Bible Prophecy 5 Reasons

The Missing Piece Is this channel superior to other prophecy channelsé  I think so. I have 5 reasons why this is the most reliable channel. I'm training to be an end time survivor.  I listen to God and others, to learn lessons that will help me live through what is coming. This channel is my favourite source for those lessons.   And I will now tell you why. 1.  It has nothing to sell.  Many doomsday tutorials ask you to buy something. They suggest that their product will protect you from what is coming. 2.  It is not a personality cult.  Many of us use this channel, and we hide our identity.

We want you to think about what is being said.You don't need a guru to do your thinking for you. 3.  It tries not to exaggerate.  Many tutorials pretend to have proof for their claims. But their “proof� comes from untraceable sources.Or they give no proof at all. They exaggerate Bible verses, too. One guy said Putin must be the king of the north, because he was born north of Jerusalem. And Obama must be the king of the south, because he was born south of Jerusalem. So Armageddon must happen before the end of 2016, because Obama will be out of office by then.  Seriously! They will start over with Trump or Clinton next year.  It is so dishonest!

4.  It really believes in Bible prophecy.  Some ‘intelligent' channels don't believe in anything. They overreact to exaggerations.  Here we focus on the most reliable prophecies. 5.  It has the missing piece.That piece is Jesus Christ.  Not just his name, but what he taught. He said anyone who does not obey himis building their house on sand. When the storm comes, the house will be destroyed. He said religious builders reject his teachings,and try to offer salvation without them.  That is happening everywhere today. There is a link below to some things that Jesus taught. Do you know anyone who is teaching themé You'll see my point when you do that.

There is much more to be said, so please subscribe to this channel. We will try to keep you informed aboutwhat is really happening in the world today. And don't forget to comment as well.

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