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Bible Prophecies Regarding Jesus

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Bible Secrets Messianic Prophecies

This is Armageddon News In this broadcast we discover that AncientHebrew, holds a new hidden Bible code. We discuss biblical secrets from the book ofGenesis. And we unveil Messianic prophecies surrounding the Christ. Good day. To understand the new Bible code,we first need a basic understanding of the God of the Bible.The same Holiness, Substance and Divine Character. Such as Love, Joy and Mercy.Is the very essence which makes God, who He is. And his unique Nature, which we have depicted,as water exists within ALL the three persons

of God. Just as water itself does not stopbeing water even if it is separated into three parts. So too, can God himself exist in threeparts and still be One God. Just as water, does not loose its uniqueness, just becauseits in three containers. This is how God can declare that He is OneGod, yet also three persons. And for those of you who still don't understand. Just imaginethat God exists, as three identical puzzle pieces, which all fit together to create OnePicture, of God. 1John 5:7 For there are three that bear witnessin heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit, and these three are one.

The very beginning of Genesis. God uses theWord “Elohim�, to describe himself. Which is actually a plural form, of the word “God�.Because all three persons of God, were involved in the creation process. Why else would Goduse, a plural name, to describe himself. Unless he had more than one part to himself. And in Genesis 1:26. God Said: Let us makeman in our image, after our likeness Some maintain that God was Speaking to theangels, when he said US and OUR. But mankind was never made in the image ofAngels. But only in God's image. So he can't be talking to the Angels. Saying let us makeman, in OUR image.

Clearly there is more than one Part to God.And as this verse shows, God does indeed talk, to the other parts of himself. Which is exactlywhat Jesus did, when he prayed to the Father. And God did not make one being, but two. Hemade Adam and Eve. But for Eve to be like God, she had to be made of exactly the sameDNA and flesh of Adam. Indeed, they were two separate beings, and yet they shared the sameflesh and blood. For God took a rib out of Adam to make Eve. So they were just, likeGod. For they both shared the same, “flesh�. Just as the father, shares the same “essence�or “flesh�, with the Son. And the Holy Spirit is the one who flows like water, betweenthem. For He is the “Life� and breath

of God. So too, did Adam and Eve also, sharethe same “Life� or “blood�. Which flowed in both their veins. The Bible tells us that The Word of God, hasalways existed, with God. He was not created, because he himself, is also God. John 1:1. In the beginning was the Word, andthe Word was with God, and the Word, was God. He was in the beginning with God. All thingscame into being through Him. And without Him not even one thing, came into being that hascome into being. In Him was life and the life was the lightof men.

Clearly the Bible tells us that the Word ofGod is a person. And that Person is also God. Have you ever wondered what Jesus meant, whenhe said, “I am the Alpha, and the Omega.� This is another way of saying, “I am thebeginning and the end, the first and the last.� but He is really saying so much more. Jesuswas declaring, “I am God.� I am that part of God called THE WORD. The reference to theFirst and the Last comes from the book of the Prophet Isaiah. Isaiah 44:6 says: Thus saith the LORD theKing of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts;I am the FIRST, and I am the LAST;

Beyond Today Seven Prophetic Signs Before Jesus Returns

Darris The Bible reveals Jesus Christ willcome back to our world to reign over every nation. But whené What specific things willhappen in the world leading up to His returné Did you know that some of them are happeningright nowé Today, we are going to look at seven distinctthings the Bible tells us will have to happen before the return of Christ. Some prophecieshave already been fulfilled. The rest are unfolding before our eyes. What must happenbefore Christ returnsé Find out, as we examine quot;Seven Prophetic Signs Before Jesus Returns.quot; Announcer Join our host, Darris McNeely,and his guests, as they help you understand

your future on Beyond Today! Darris One day Jesus gave His followersa lesson in forecasting. quot;Then He also said to the multitudes, quot;Wheneveryou see a cloud rising out of the west, immediately you say, 'A shower is coming' and so it is.And when you see the south wind blow, you say, 'There will be hot weather,' and thereis. Hypocrites!quot; He said. quot;You can discern the face of the sky and of the earth, buthow is it you do not discern this timeéquot; (Luke 12:5456). Jesus knew people were good at looking intothe sky to determine the weather. He used

this habit to chastise them that though theycould see whether rain or warm weather was coming, they could not understand the signsof their time in history—they could not quot;discern this time.quot; For this group of people,they could not see that Jesus of Nazareth, the man standing before them, teaching themwith many signs and deeds, was the prophesied Messiah. Now how about usé In our timeé Can we quot;discernthis timequot;—today, our world, the twentyfirst centuryé On Beyond Today, we have a policy never tospeculate or try to calculate the exact date

Jesus Christ will return. That isn't the pointof prophecy. Prophecy is revealed in the Bible for one reason—and that's to inspire usto turn to God. God's hand is on history, and now is the time to seek a relationshipwith Him. The Bible is full of prophecies. Some havealready come to pass. Many are yet to come. When we examine what's already happened andunderstand what's still coming, we then begin to get a general idea of where we are in thesequence of Bible prophecy. We can then quot;discern our time.quot; As we study the Bible, we can identify sevendistinct things that must happen before the

return of Jesus Christ. Let's look at thesespecific events because they must happen in today's world before Christ returns. We want to go a little bit further in helpingyou to understand and study this as well, so we have also prepared a free study aidfor you. This study aid will help you learn more about each of these seven prophecies. As we will see, some have already been fulfilledwhile others wait for the future. 1. Let's look at the first one. It's the abilityto destroy all human life. Jesus talked about how dangerous the worldwould be when these events would begin to

take place. In Matthew 24:22 He said, quot;unless those dayswere shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect's sake those days will be shortened.quot;Unless Jesus returns and intervenes, mankind would wipe itself out. Now this reveals to us the first endtimeprophecy: Mankind must have the ability to end life, all life, on earth. Throughout history mankind hasn't had theability to end all human life the world over. War is horrific. There has also been no wayto end all human life in a short amount of

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