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Bible Prophecies Proved Wrong

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Undeniable Proof That The Bible Is True And God Exists

Do you believe there is no evidence the Bible is trueé The Answer to 1984 is 33 A.D. Number Twentyfive: Travel and the Internet were predictedin Daniel 12 verse 4, talking about the End Times itsays, “.many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.â€� Mass travel byplanes and cars, fits that description quite well andnobody can deny

that the Internet has increase knowledge of those who um use it. Knowledge of the Bible hasexploded in recent years. Astounding prophecy! Number Twentyfour: The Euphrates River dries up in Revelation 16 verse 12. This is a twopart prophecy: the Ataturk dam in Turkey, was the biggest dam inthe world at the time of its completion in 1990. It feeds the riverEuphrates,

which runs through Iraq and Baghdad. The mechanism is now in place to cut off the feed and dry up theEuphrates and fulfill the prediction in (the Book of) Revelation.Absolutely, without a doubt an amazing, undeniable prophecy. Number twentythree: “.many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am Christ,' and will be deceive many.�That is in Matthew chapter 24

verse 5. Again there are two propheciesgoing on in the same sentence here. It is genius! You will even find people today on YouTubeclaiming that they are Jesus Christ. Man: “.because they knowI am the Messiah, they know I am the final dreadful judge of all humanity.� Others have correctly identified the real Jesus, from the Bible, for example, JosephSmith,

who was the founder of um Mormonism the Latterday Saints he was a Freemason and he came in the name of Jesus Christ. Butdeflect attention to the counterfeit, Book of Mormon, deceiving millions! Prophecy fulfilled. Do you still believe there is no evidencefor the Bibleé Number 22: “Be not deceived in any way.â€� Second Thessalonians 2, verse 3.

So we know that deception will be rife in the End Times, and we just happen tolive in a world where there is an endless stream of deception andconspiracies like Evolution, moon landing hoax,Illuminati, MKultra, JFK assassination, 911, Crisis Axis, education systemconspiracy there is a heck of a lot more deception going onout there, but it was all predicted in advance.

Beyond Today Three Ways Hollywood Gets the Bible Wrong

Gary At Easter time you can flip throughthe television channels and watch movies about the two great historical themes of the season—theExodus of the ancient Israelites from Egyptian slavery—and the person of Jesus Christ. Moses and Jesus have been central charactersin movies since the days of silent films. How much have these films shaped what youbelieve about the Bibleé How much do you really know about the real biblical Moses, or eventhe Jesus of the Gospelsé I have to admit—as a child—my view ofMoses was shaped by Charlton Heston's rendition in Cecil B. De Mille's 1956 blockbuster—TheTen Commandments. I was inspired by Moses'

over dramatic command to Pharaoh, quot;Let mypeople go.quot; And the opening of the Red Sea was one of the most exciting scenes I'd everseen. Now maybe your view of Moses has been shapedby Christian Bale in a more recent movie, Exodus: God's and Kings. In this Hollywoodmovie, Moses isn't led by a miraculous pillar of fire and smoke as described in the Bible.Instead, his version of Moses is clueless to where he's going and then lies to the people,telling them that God is leading them. How much have movies like The Greatest StoryEver Told, The Last Temptation of Christ, or the Son of God shaped how you think aboutJesusé

Today, we'll look at movies and popular culturein—quot;Three Ways Hollywood Gets the Bible Wrong.quot; Announcer Join our host Gary Petty and hisguests, as they help you understand your future on Beyond Today! Gary How much does Hollywood influence yourview of the Bibleé Movies are powerful visual ways to tell stories.But what happens when movies change history—turning reality into mythé At Easter time, we're inundated with religiousmovies about Moses and Jesus. Moses, because

it was at the Passover time that God usedhim to lead the ancient Israelites out of Egyptian slavery. It is a story filled withconflict and hope—miracles and freedom. You will also find many movies about Jesus.Christians believe that during this time of year Jesus Christ—the Son of God—was crucifiedfor humanity's sins and was resurrected. In reality, these two great events are actuallylinked together in God's plan for all of us—but you wouldn't necessarily know that from Hollywood'sversions. We'll show how the incredible link between these two biblical events actuallywork in the Bible just a little bit later. Right now, we're going to look at three waysHollywood gets the Bible wrong—and how movie

makers have adversely influenced how peopleunderstand the Bible. Let's begin with the 2014 special effectsspectacular Exodus: Gods and Kings. Christian Bale, who played Moses in the film,said this about his character, quot;‘I think the man Moses was likely schizophrenic andwas one of the most barbaric individuals that I ever read about in my life.quot; (Daily Mail ) The book of Exodus portrays Moses as a complexman who was born a slave but rose to become a prince of Egypt. Moses struggled with God'scalling for him to confront Pharaoh and lead the Israelites from Egypt into the PromisedLand. The biblical Moses is a man of wisdom,

leadership skills and most importantly a manwho believed and followed God. He could be violent. The Bible reveals thathe killed an Egyptian for beating an Israelite. At times he even lacked confidence—afterbeing a shepherd for decades he told God that he wasn't qualified to talk with Pharaoh.Moses was a man of profound faith who instructed the Israelites to put the blood of a lambon their doorposts so that God would quot;pass overquot; and spare their lives as He killed thefirstborn of Egypt. This isn't the Moses played by Bale who constantlyargues with God and actually lies to the people he leads about God's guidance.

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