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Bible Prophecies Coming To Pass

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Prophecies are coming trueliterally

Can I read to you a scripturethat almost everybody throughout the ages has spiritualizedand not taken literallyé It's Revelation, chapter 11, 11:910.You can look at it yourself. quot;And they of the peopleand kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodiesthree days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodiesto be put in graves. And they that dwell upon the earthshall rejoice over them,

and make merry,and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophetstormented them that dwelt on the earth.quot; quot;Now wait a second,quot; they would say,quot;how could every person on earth be able to see two guys in some city, killed somewhereéquot; In fact, in this 1981 copy that I got backwhen I began Bible college, of John McArthur's quot;Second Comingof the Lord Jesus Christ,quot; pages 9798, he covers Revelation 11:23and never even hits those verses.

That's because it wasn't possibleto do anything then! But you are an example of it right now. You're watchingon a computer, on a cell phone, on a tablet, on some kind of social media. You are able to see me talking to you from wherever I was when this was recorded.In the same way, people can see all over the world LITERALLYanybody on earth! There's satellite, there's a way to do it.And pretty soon

it's going to be so widespread thatthere will be nobody that will not be able to see. The scriptures are being fulfilled literally! This has to do withone of the chapters in my book, quot;Why They Changed The Bible.quot; And in it(if you're on You Tube, by the way, click down here and you'll find some moreinformation on where to find an excerpt of it), you'll see how the mystery that God presented way backin 90something AD,

is becoming a present reality.

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