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Bible Predictions For September 2015

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Mid East Prophecy Update September 4th 2016

all right for today's prophecy updateI'm going to do something I haven't done in quite some time now as of late I've beenonly zeroing in and talking about the prophetic significance of developmentson a weekly basis either as they were taking place or shortly after they hadtaken place and not lacked for developments to address especially inthe last year I've sort of shied away from talking about things that are yetfuture and I do so maybe in a conscious effort to overcompensate for what I seeas hyper prophecy and i'll explain and define what i mean by hyper prophecy andhyper prophecy is reading too much in

advance to that which is yet to happenand you can get into a lot of trouble and by the way September is the month thatthere's always that danger because it's always seen as a quoteunquote highwatchmonth it's always when the Feast of Trumpets takes place and so manyChristians look to that believing that the rapture would take place on thatfeast as a fulfillment of that feast we've talked about that I don't want to takethe time to get into that today there are many who question the Feast ofTrumpets rapture belief as dismantling even disturbing the doctrine of eminencemeaning that if it can only happen on

the feast of trumpets then you sort of disturb the imminent return ofJesus Christ and the rapture of the church and we've again talk about thatperhaps that's another topic for another time so i've just kind of shied away fromall of that I think that you to your credit have a pretty you know goodhandle on what is happening in the world today I really sense that my calling isto focus on Israel and I see Israel as God's prophetic clock so I stay awayfrom some of the peripheral prophecies if i can say it that way for lack of abetter way of saying it and but on this

particular development i decided to atleast address it because a number of people had brought it to my attentionand when I say a lot of people i mean a lot of people and it reminds me of thatTurkish proverb that when one man calls you a donkey pay no attention but whentwo men call you a donkey get a saddle you should see my saddle collection it'squite impressive i have many of them it has that basis in let everything beestablished in the presence of two more witnesses in other words when i get a twoor more or several people all asking me about the same thing then Iusually take a second look and make a

decision and such as the case withtoday's prophecy update what I'm speaking of is this interfaith worshipcenter that's set to open up this month in of all places Jerusalem now in aprior update earlier in the summer we had talked about such a center that wasgoing to be erected and open in Berlin Germany and it is a center where MuslimsJews and a form of Christianity can all cometogether and worship together the same God ecumenically and pray together andthat's exactly what this is that's taking place in fact it's fromseptember's 5th through the 11th let me

share with you this breaking Israel newsreport it's a Muslim Christian and Jewish leaders are planning to open aninterfaith place of worship in Jerusalem for one week this month from september'sfifth which is tomorrow through the 11 a Jerusalem structure currently known asthe Alpert Youth Music Center will become A men a place of worship for thethree Abrahamic faiths sharing a quote passion for Jerusalem in which they willinteresting coexist temporarily under the wings of the almighty the worshipcenter is being created as part of the annual Mekudeshet which means blessedfestival which is part of Jerusalem's

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