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Great Sign on 92317 Fulfills TWO Bible Prophecies

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I am your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the CoProphet of these End Times. This will be the 555th tutorial I have posted to YouTube and I thought Iwould celebrate by talking about one of my most amazing discoveries and that is that thisquot;great sign of a woman clothed with the sun withthe moon under her

feet, on her head a crown of twelve starsand being in childbirthquot; as prophesied in the book of Revelation will be fulfilled on the weekend of September 23rd and 24th 2017. Now I first made this discovery a little over four years ago and Iimmediately made a tutorial about it called quot;Stellariumquot;. That's because whenever the Lord revealssomething to me I immediately reveal it to you, however,what's really even more amazing than thefulfilment of

this Bible Prophecy is that no one in the mainstream media or even in thereligious media has covered this story. They really are not interested in BibleProphecy and I don't care whether it's TBN or CBN or EWTN or whatever. The only way you would know that thisamazing Bible Prophecy will be fulfilled in the Fall of 2017 is if you watch tutorialson YouTube and quite a few other people have followed up

on this amazing revelation. And I amgoing to put a link to a tutorial by Chiza7 because he didsome very interesting research. He discovered that this great sign only appears once in all of human history. It is not just aonce in a lifetime event. It is only once in the entire history ofmankind. It is unique. It is exactly what the Biblecalls it:

quot;the great signquot;. Now on this program I want to add several very importantrefinements to my earlier tutorial. First of all, what isthe exact time and dateƩ I believe that previously, and this is true ofall the other tutorials I have seen, they have talked about this great signappearing as if it were at Eastern Standard Time. In other words, if you look at the timedate stamp in the upper

right hand side, it says 2017, that would be the year. It says 9, that'sthe month, however, the date is the 23rd and the hour is 17, that would be 5 o'clock in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time. However, the time as far as Jerusalem goes would bemidnight and starting the 24th of September and I believe that is the

MidEast Prophecy Update September 18th 2016

before we get to today's prophecy updatei just wanted to mention one thing about the numerous comments I received fromour online church concerning last week's 911 update please hear me out I truly desire to be teachable but I'vehad people who care about me and are very patient with me provide additionalinformation to me and as such i'm revisiting this information and theabundance of evidence surrounding the events of 911 I do appreciate your grace and even yourprayers and here's why I still am having

considerable difficulty with what I seeas an acquittal of Islam if indeed 911 was perpetrated solely by our USgovernment this last week I had numerous some were very gracious some were not somuch comments about my 911 update and I just wanted to clarify that i willrevisit this i do want to be teachable I am open to it but I need your prayerconcerning it because again if you really think about it if the USgovernment it was an inside job and theyperpetrated the events of 911 and not Islam think about the ramifications ofthat now I've had some people suggest

that it was both the US government andIslam that's even more disturbing because again think about theimplications of that with all due respect again this is chiefly for thebenefit of our online church don't send me more information I have a lot ofinformation already and I don't have enough time really to go through I mean I have more information that I have time to sift through it so again thank youfor your understanding and I just wanted to clear that up and make that statementone more thing before we get to our update

doubtless you heard of what many believeto be two terrorist attacks last night on the mainland one of which was in NewYork and the other in Minnesota now i will i watched probably like some of you the press conferences and of coursethey're not gonna say it's you know terrorism let alone Islamic terrorismbut and it seems that in large measure not surprising the media is scrubbingand even censoring any mention of Islam and the role of Islamic terrorists inthese attacks but there are numerous reports that both were perpetrated byIslamic terrorists one credible source

is reporting that in the Minnesota mallstabbing the muslim of which eight people were stabbed and then the Muslim man wasshot and killed but he was asking victims if they were Muslim and he wasshouting Allahu Akbar as he was doing this it's also being reported thatTwitter just lit up with Islamic state supporters who were rushing to celebratethe powerful explosion in New York's Chelsea district which also happenedlast night as well now it's interesting to note that the UN assembly is thisweek in New York it does i think bear watching in the days ahead and I wouldalso add it's probably something that we

would do well to pray concerning let's get to our prophecy update today iwant to draw to your attention seven recent developments that I believe haveprofound prophetic significance the common denominator with all of them isthat they point to increasing wars and rumors of wars i'll say instead ofrumors of wars threats of wars in Matthew 24 Jesus answering the questionto his disciples about what will be the signs of the end of the age and Yourcoming and Jesus says there will be wars and rumors or threats of wars and thething with what's happening now and

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