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Are We Living In The End Times Islam

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What are we doing here and where are we goingto go It's like we just woke up one morning andthen it's welcome to the show Don't ask any questions just go with the flowMake as much money as you can and try your best not to get brokeCopy everything you see on the tv From the hairstyles to the clothesAnd don't think too often just do exactly as your toldYou ever get confused then turn towards the alcoholYou still hear your thoughtsé then just turn up the radioAs you learn to live a lifestyle of drugs,

sex and rock n roll But in all honesty I just need to knowIs there more to the cycle than growing and getting oldLiving and dying just to leave behind a happy homeAnd a whole lot of property that somebody else is going to ownI just really need to know before the caskets closed Cause I'm not willing to gamble with my soulnor am I ready to take any chances These are just simple life questions and I'mjust searching for some answers

Like what are we doing here and what is ourpurpose How did we get here and who made us so perfectAnd what happens once we go or is this world all really worth it Questions we don't answer because apparentlywe don't really have to There's no purpose to this life and our existencemerely naturalé In that case please let me ask you.Did you create yourself or was it somebody else that had fashioned youéBecause you're a being that's impeccable faultless and unparalleled.You are a product of supreme intelligence

and I'm merely being rational For there isn't a camera on this earth thatcan come close to the human eye Nor a computer that can compete alongsidethe human mind And If the whole world was to come togetherwe wouldn't be able to create a single fly So many signs yet we still deny As science tries to justify that all thiscould come from none When It's a simple sumZero plus zero plus zero cannot possibly ever give you one.So from where did all this order comeé

For everything has it's origins, a maker,a creator of it's own I mean the only reason your watching thistutorial is because somebody had to press upload So you can believe in the Big Bang but I'drather Believe in He who caused it to explode. Allah, The creator of the universe along withevery single soul The Everliving, the Master the only one whois in control Unlike his creation, beyond our imaginationAnd NO He's not a man nor has he any partners inassociation, He's on his own. And neither did He ever leave us alone

Just like every manufacturer he left us withan instruction manual The Quran and Islam and I'm sorry to jumpto conclusions but it's the only one possible. The only definition of God as the One andOnly, supreme being its logical, A book with zero contradictions and miraclesthat are both scientific and historical. All revealed over 1400 years ago Like the detailed description of the humanembryo The expansion of the Universe and the creationof everything from H20 To the mountains as pegs holding firm theearth below

Michele Bachmann We Are Living in End Times Also Shell Probably Be Indicted

really offsets here is an interview from understanding the times yep her host the host is Jan markle and Michele Bachmann is on Joe Barton speaksfor a couple minutes about how Obama is funding the Syrian rebels andthat there are al Qaeda elements in their and

and I am it is a and and to a certainextent there's actually some truth to that although I the the CIA claims that they haveidentified which rebels are good or bad idea Iwould tend to agree that that's a very a tough calculation as you can imagine she putsit pretty radically different than three but in a different context but the realpayoff is to white she cleans from thisinformation

also keep in mind when we play thisaudio that there's every reason to believe thatshe's gonna be indicted for bribing in iowa state legislator I'll so hear dis your listeners US taxpayers are now paying to give arms toterrorists including Al Qaeda now this didn't getmuch notice and the press because it happened the same day as those 13attackers it happen the same week

as a 137 or more were killed in NairobiKenya that terrible mass shooting the same week is over 100 Christianswere killed in a church and Peshawar in Pakistan we had a week have bloodshed including arock including Afghanistan including around there was a lot of bloodshed thatwas going on so people didn't hear about this but but this happened and ass if today the United States is willingly knowingly

intentionally sending arms to terracenow what this says to me as the I'm a believer in Jesus Christ asI look at the end time scripture this says to me that the leaf is on thefig tree and we are to understand the science oftimes which is your ministry bo2 understand where we are God's endtimehistory this isn't to cause a spear this is to cause I that's right folks President Obama's executive order that allowed the CIA to fund to theSyrian rebels

who have elements I love jihadistamongst them her islamic extremists amongst them is this sign have the end times and but don't worry it's not a time tobe afraid living in the end times as I believersbelievers in Jesus Christ idk man wrapped and mature enough faith and embrace the Prophet said they longto look to this time the profits long to look into the futureto see these days

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