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Are We Living In End Times 2013

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Michele Bachmann We Are Living in End Times Also Shell Probably Be Indicted

really offsets here is an interview from understanding the times yep her host the host is Jan markle and Michele Bachmann is on Joe Barton speaksfor a couple minutes about how Obama is funding the Syrian rebels andthat there are al Qaeda elements in their and

and I am it is a and and to a certainextent there's actually some truth to that although I the the CIA claims that they haveidentified which rebels are good or bad idea Iwould tend to agree that that's a very a tough calculation as you can imagine she putsit pretty radically different than three but in a different context but the realpayoff is to white she cleans from thisinformation

also keep in mind when we play thisaudio that there's every reason to believe thatshe's gonna be indicted for bribing in iowa state legislator I'll so hear dis your listeners US taxpayers are now paying to give arms toterrorists including Al Qaeda now this didn't getmuch notice and the press because it happened the same day as those 13attackers it happen the same week

as a 137 or more were killed in NairobiKenya that terrible mass shooting the same week is over 100 Christianswere killed in a church and Peshawar in Pakistan we had a week have bloodshed including arock including Afghanistan including around there was a lot of bloodshed thatwas going on so people didn't hear about this but but this happened and ass if today the United States is willingly knowingly

intentionally sending arms to terracenow what this says to me as the I'm a believer in Jesus Christ asI look at the end time scripture this says to me that the leaf is on thefig tree and we are to understand the science oftimes which is your ministry bo2 understand where we are God's endtimehistory this isn't to cause a spear this is to cause I that's right folks President Obama's executive order that allowed the CIA to fund to theSyrian rebels

who have elements I love jihadistamongst them her islamic extremists amongst them is this sign have the end times and but don't worry it's not a time tobe afraid living in the end times as I believersbelievers in Jesus Christ idk man wrapped and mature enough faith and embrace the Prophet said they longto look to this time the profits long to look into the futureto see these days

Belief in Biblical End Times Stops Climate Change Action

and unexpected opponent or problem inattempting to deal with the problem climate change is that many uh. devoutchristians think that why should we bother the and times are coming screwthe world that sounds ridiculous but is actuallysome polling and some research to back it up is a researchers at university of pittsburgh and alsouniversity of colorado working on this and they believe that the even once youtake into account political ideology religious identification

uh. media distrust all these differentfactors the simple fact that that that these christians believe in the enzymesin that they are our common that leads into not care about climate change ithink that it's up effect is about twenty percent of theopposition to climate change comes from that and i believe with seventy six percent yes not yet i could be mistreating

seventy six percent of republicans intwo thousand six uh. thought that uh. there was going to be a second cup dealer lifetime is usually slightlysmaller number but a very significant number of acts of three quarters of allmessages if you really believe that you reallybelieve that she's in a return on earth what is it what it was as a big sothat's actually it's a logical extension

their life of were burning up the plan who had to use and easier to save the planet or toolsall whatever happens there in august so it could also uh. dramatically affecthow you live your life to random and i think one ever buy it by rack up the debt than that nida gets a lot of people think jesuscarrying usable williamson our problems

just what in fact this it was a famous line from otherrepublicans say like dividing put all this will in the onlythat what was the greatest gift we've gotten down from god because you calledthe earth with uh. any less of a boil comes out of it right translate whatdifferent dot obviously i think i get that i use up onthose jesus returned checker milton uh. mailto by the way i just to showyou that this isn't just that after

rather mill voting republicans but alsoa lot of people in government is that representative john shouldn'tjust back in two thousand ten said the earth will and only when goddeclares it to people for he is the chairman of the subcommitteeon environment and the economy so here's a guy charged with protectingour environment in some sense say what f_ lee differences that make what iwas in our apartment because god decides whether arafat is aseventy six percent of the members time

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