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Antichrist Zionist

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Zionist Christians Teach Jewish Heresy

Do Zionist Christians love Jews more thanthey love Jesusé Watch John Hagee work a crowd and you'll say yes. Clip: quot;Those of you whostand with Israel, give a thunderous shout of solidarity for the nation of Israel andthe Jewish people around the world!quot; Idolizing Jews is rooted in an adopted Jewish heresyregarding a 'messianic age' fostered by the Scofield Bible. This Jewish heresy positsthat an earthly messiahone of their ownwill establish an earthly reign in Jerusalem thatall Gentiles must submit to. Clip: quot;All the passages in the Bible, many, many, many dozensof them, that speak about a transformed world in the future that will be a utopian world,where the entire world will believe in God,

the entire world is going to be in peace,the Jewish people are going to live in their homeland in peace. And they speak about thisspecial person who will be the leader of the Jewish people, when all those things occur.quot;Zionist Christians like Hagee, Jews for Jesus, and the entire Messianic Jewish movement,promulgate this earthridden Jewish heresy which the Orthodox Church condemned in 381AD as quot;chiliasm,quot; that is, a 'messianic thousand year earthly reign' where death still holdssway. The Zionist Christian drift of the heresy of Jewish chiliasm goes like this. Jesus Christfailed to set up his kingdom in Jerusalem in his first coming. The Jews crucified himand his mission failed. The cross, therefore,

is the consequence of his failure, and notthe central tenet of Zionist Christian doctrine. An earthly kingdom is central in the ZionistChristian system, not the death and resurrection of Christ. If not, why has there been a systematicremoval of crosses from thousands of churches across Americaé That's where their 'Jewworship'comes in. There has to be a state of Israel for Jesus to come back to, so they say, ina 'second coming,' prior to which Christians are 'raptured' and then Jews go through a'great tribulation,' while Hagee and his followers watch from the heavenly grandstands. Clip:quot;The rapture can happen before we get out of this building. The church is soon to leavethe world, whyé Because Jesus said when you

see these signs lift up your heads and rejoice,you're redemption draweth nigh. We're getting ready to leave here.quot; You stupid ass. There'sno such thing as a 'pretribulation rapture' and was never taught by the historical Churchuntil Cyrus Scofield popularized John Darby's rapture theology in the 1900s. There's onlyone final Second Coming of Christ where Christians are raised from the dead and immediately joinedby Christians who are alive. And what signs is Hagee talking abouté That '144,000 Jews,'which in actuality is figurative for the fullness of the Church, will undergo 'the great tribulation,'which actually occurred in 70 AD during the Roman destruction of Jerusalem. These 144,000will prepare the way for Jesus to set up a

'thousand year reign' in Jerusalem. The absurdityis obvious. Will Jesus have an email addressé Will He float around the world visiting synagoguesofficiating at Jewish burialsé You see, with heresy at the forefront of Zionist Christiandoctrinenamely, quot;Jewish chiliasmquot;a myriad of false beliefs follow. Such is their fallacythat if you don't bless the Jews you'll be cursed. Clip: quot;Miracles happen when you beginto bless the state of Israel, when you begin to bless the Jewish people, 'I will bless,'God is saying that.quot; No. God is not saying that. God promised Abraham that in his seed,the coming Messiah, all nations would be blessed by the Messiah overturning the curse of death.This is the blessing. And St Paul teaches

that this quot;blessingquot; comes upon the Gentilesthrough Jesus Christ's death and resurrection, NOT though some earthly Jewish kingdom, butissuing forth from His heavenly kingdom, the quot;new Jerusalem,quot; where the tears of sorrowand death are washed away. Bless Christ's heavenly kingdom, imaged by The ChurchtheIsrael of Godand you'll be blessed. Curse it, and you'll be cursed. But Zionist Christianswiththeir Jewish heresy of chiliasmlove Jews more than they love Jesus. For the true sonsof Abraham are NOT Christhating Jews, but Christloving Christians.

Israelis What is the difference between Zionism and Judaism

EliJerusalem Zionism is political Judaism is spiritual Are the two connectedéNo We try to connect them too muchand that is what causes problems I think we are all Jewswe are not all Zionists We are all Zionists but we don't believe in Zionism Zionism has become a political movement

Now explain Give me a definition of Zionist and Zionism I would rather not I don't understand what you mean Every Jew has in his soul a belonging to Israel so therefore they are all Zionists Zionism has become a political movement

in how we believe we should get Israel and we should do to get it so therefore the mix between them is not that cut and dry so even the antiZionist (Jews) would be a quot;Zionistquot; in the sense that we all have a spiritualconnection to Israel, yes This is our land and we are spiritually connected to it You bring in politics and beliefsand that is when

things happen What is the difference betweenZionism and Judaismé RitaJerusalem What is the difference betweenZionism and Judaismé ElimelechPetah Tikva In my view, Zionism is an attachment an attachment to place something spritual

and Judaism is what is that means that you are a Jew and that is something you can never change What's the difference betweenJudaism and Zionismé SeanPetah Tikva Judaism is a religionthat is 3000 years old the nationality and Zionism is the national movement

that says the Jews need to come and create a country NiraPetah Tikva Zionism is loving the land of Israel Love of the homeland As opposed to Judaism which is our heritageour religion Not everyone feels connected to the religion but we arevery connected to Zionism

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