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300 Movie Satanic God Antichrist Scene in urdu Hindi

Let me guess. Let me guess. You must be Xerxes. Come, Leonidas. Let us reason together. It would be a regrettable waste. .it would be nothing short of madnesswere you, brave king. .and your valiant troops to perish.

.all because of a simplemisunderstanding. There's much our cultures could share. Haven't you noticedé We've been sharing our culturewith you all morning. Yours is a fascinating tribe. Even now you are defiant. .in the face of annihilationand the presence of a god. It isn't wise to stand against me,Leonidas. Imagine what a horrible fateawaits my enemies.

.when I would gladly killany of my own men for victory. And I would die for any one of mine. You Greeks take pride in your logic.I suggest you employ it. Consider the beautiful landyou so vigorously defend. Picture it reduced to ash at my whim. Consider the fate of your women. Clearly you don't know our women. I might as well have marched them up here,judging by what I've seen

You have many slaves, Xerxes. .but few warriors. It won't be longbefore they fear my spears. .more than your whips. It's not the lash they fear. .it is my divine power. But I am a generous god.I can make you rich beyond all measure. I will make you warlord of all Greece

You will carry my battle standardto the heart of Europa. Your Athenian rivals. .will kneel at your feet. .if you will but kneel at mine. You are generous. .as you are divine. .O king of kings. Such an offeronly a madman would refuse.

But the. The idea of kneeling, it's. You see, slaughteringall those men of yours has. Well, it's left a nasty cramp in my leg. .so kneeling will be hard for me. There will be no glory in your sacrifice. I will erase even the memory of Spartafrom the histories. Every piece of Greek parchmentshall be burned.

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