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Antichrist Review

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The Antichrist 1974 Movie Review

The Antichrist, or The Tempter as it is alsoknown as, is a 1974 Italian Exorcist cashin movie with a surprisingly talented cast andcrew behind it. The Italians were on the forefront of deliveringripoffs films during the 70s of popular American movies. After William Friedkin changed the world ofhorror forever with his nearly perfect 1973 picture The Exorcist, it was only a matterof time before others tried to cash in on its success. One of the more known ones is The Antichristby Alfredo De Martino.

Even the director himself agree with me inthe statement that this film would of course never have been made if it wasn't for somemoney hungry producers wanting to make some quick bucks on the name of The Exorcist. Even so, there is an effort to tell a storyand not just display violence and nudity. It takes the basis of The Exorcist story andmakes it more cultural relevant to Italy, which after all is a very religious countrywith plenty of knowlegde on the art of exorcism. The story in The Antichrist focuses on theyoung woman Ippolita, who became paralyzed as a child after a tragic car accident thatalso left her mother dead.

The accident has made her life tough as sheis struggling with low self esteem and anxiety. When she starts to loose it mentally, thefamily brings in a psychiatrist to give her treatment. His way of treating his patients include puttingthem under hypnosis to hopefully reveal some trauma from the past. They uncover that Ippolita has a gruesomepast from a previous life and it doesn't take long after these sessions have started thather mental state turn even to the worse as there seems to be something else within herthat is the root of all her troubles.

First things first, I've seen this film oncebefore about ten years ago and I only remembered the cooler parts of it from that viewing. What I did not remember was that the filmlast for nearly two fucking hours. That's way to long for a movie like this,making parts of it a bit dull and uninteresting. This should have been edited down 1020 minutesand I don't think the story would have suffered anything if that had been done as there areplenty of scenes here that the movie could do without. And that's a big negative about this filmas there are some stuff here that are both

interesting and entertaining. While most of the film is cheesy and silly,there are some hints at creativity with the visual effects at times. The cinematographer on this was actually thecult legend Joe D'Amato and you can clearly spot the scenes where he was very involvedas they reek of his own visual sense. I am talking about scenes like the one wherethe devil himself has his way with Ippolita out in the woods or whatever the hell thelocation is supposed to be, a scene that could fit right in with any of D'Amato's own laterfilms.

And yeah, for those who have seen this before,there is an implied goat anus licking scene within that setting. Instead of focusing on delivering scares,The Antichrist is more or less about vulgarity and shock. Carla Gravina who plays Ippolita gets thepleasure of delivering quite a few nasty and dirty lines throughout this film and whileit could be shocking back in the 70's, today it is more or less reduced to being cheesyfun. Ippolita has a very strange obsession withthe family members of the opposite sex.

Top 10 Films of 2009 3 of 3

YMS At number five is a Serious Manby the Coen Brothers. The story revolves around aJewish man looking for guidance while everything around himis slipping through his fingers. He's basically a bitch and justdoesn't know how to deal with things. The movie has a lot of awkward and dark humour. And it really just does whateverthe fuck it wants to. The main character spends the entire movietrying to find meaning to what's happening. And I left the movie with the understanding thatit's your own meaning that you give that's important.

The truth is that you canget lost looking for meaning. The point is that there is no point. Nothing matters and everything matters. Definitely watch this movie. Sy I think we all agree that, uhh, the childrennot being contaminated with the tension. Sy Most important.Judith We shouldn't put the kids in the middle of this, Larry. Larry Kids aren'tJudith I'm saying we. I'm not pointing fingers. Sy No one is playing the blame game Larry.

Larry I didn't say anyone was.Judith Well let's not play he said she said either. Larry II wasn't. I Sy Alright, look look look. Lets just take a stepback anand we can diffuse the situation. You know, Larry, sometimes I find that if I count to ten. one. two. three. four.

all silently. (Static) At number four on my list is Black Dynamite. This movie serves as a good litmus testto see weather or not you have a soul. I'm sorry, if you don't like it you don't have a soul.And that's the end of that. This is the best parody movie ever made. That's right, Leslie Nielsen doesn'thave shit on this movie. The movie is a parody of the1970s blacksploitation movies.

One might even think that this is from the 1970s if they didn't know that this was from 2009. There is so much going on inthis movie that anyone can watch it. There are really dumb jokes withpunchlines that are in your face, there's intelligent satire, there are really obscure jokesthat not everyone will get, And they even intentionally makecontinuity errors and technical goofs using those as jokes. And what I really love about this movieis that they've given character

to characters that are nevermentioned and never seen. When you see something ridiculous happenon the screen or hear a hilarious line, you're almost forced to imagine the fictional charactersof the writers and directors of this fictional film. Its as if the writers and directorsare playing characters themselves. You notice intentional mistakes and think,quot;oh, I see what they were trying to do.quot; But in reality they were tryingto make that mistake but it's the fictional characters of thefictional writer and the fictional director that were trying to do something differentand its fun to think of those things.

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