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A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

Antichrist Konusu

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30 Veda Farewell Ahmed Hulusi

FAREWELL My dear friends, Those who haven't encountered others like me naturally ask me: “What is your purpose, what are your expectations, what do you want to achieveéâ€� I don't know how else to clarify this. Here is my answer: None of my work is copyright restricted and I ask for no price for it.

I freely share all of the knowledge on my site (ahmedhulusi ) with the sole purpose of aiding a better understanding of the One denoted by the name Allah, as disclosed and expounded by Muhammad (saw), and a correct evaluation of religion based on this vision. All of my work can be freely read, listened to, watched, downloaded, reproduced (with the condition of citing the author and source) and distributed via individual and social mediums of communication over the internet or in other ways. I have no requests from anyone for my work and there will be

no material inheritance left after me when I die either. For I have no foundation or organization; I do not collect any donations; I have no trusts or institutions! Those who want to share these works can feelfree to reproduce and distribute as they like, I am not a member of any organization, foundation, association or institution of any sort. I carry no ties to any worldly organization,

and have nothing to do with any political regime whatsoever. I do not invite anyone to a particular order or myself! In fact I always say: “Please do not call me! If you benefit from my works then turn to Muhammad Mustapha, the Rasul of Allah (saw) with sincerity and purity, try to know him!� I say do not try to contact me, you cannot reach me! This is why I haven't used my lastname on any of my books since the 60s, I only use my first and middle names.

I only use my first and middle names. I have no email address. I do not have a representative to talk on my behalf or make interpretations. Whoever attempts to do so will onlybe sharing their own ideas, not mine. All of my ideas are either written or as they have been recorded on audio and tutorial mediums. The black background of the front cover of my books

represents darkness and ignorance, while the white color of the letters represents light and knowledge. My name is written in green because my purposeis to reflect the view of the Rasul (saw) The image is a Kufi calligraphy of the Word of Unity: “La ilaha illallah; Muhammad Rasulullah� The placement of the calligraphy, being on top and above everything else on the page, is a symbolic representation of the predominant importance

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