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Antichrist Here Earth Now

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Is God Here on Earth or Not Lord Rayel the Messiah or AntiChrist

Is God Here on Earth or Not Lord Rayel the Messiah or Antichrist├ęThe Lions Ground Entertainment Group Hey, Heathcliff here .this tutorial i want to focus on Nature disasters, The strange loud noise. Trumpet noise heard by people around the globe. It's all related. with one particular guy, he entitled himself (this is the funny part). he entitled himself

on America's national television that he claimed to be God! I'm curious. I am not a believer in God. I'm not required to do that. But i think it's very interesting. Yesterday i saw a complete almost twohour documentary about the person in question. So Called God It little bit scared me because Everything he mentioned. because every time

people declined, they didn't believed him. I can understand. If i am going to say i am god you think i'm crazy. Each time he predict something It even happened, for example the Trumpet sound. Couple of days later the trumpet sounds was heard by people around the world. He was announcing that He will give darkness. Few days later

while later, the sun. the power of the sun Decreased!! Wow! I'm going to show you all the facts and i am going to show you all his announcements and putting them together. I am not going to Read you the bible or something like that. I don't read it. I recommend you to continue watching this tutorial because this guy somehow he is interesting. You will see why, keep watching!

Heee before i am going to start i want to mention that well. I am a Nichiren Buddhist and for me it's nothing more than just a meditation. It's not for me like Abracadabra or something like that. This religion is a godless religion. The fact is Yesterday i was watching with my wife a documentary for almost two hours. we both were totally flabbergasted about

the so called Lord God. that he came back. That the lord came back to earth and warn people if they don't believe him(or god) he will cause events. and he did, he did caused strange events he announced it before it even happened. For example on January the 28th 2011 in Jerusalem.

Antichrist Identified

. Antichrist, . the very wordarouses feelings of fear and mental imagesof absolute evil. The Apostle Paul warnedof an evil entity set up in blasphemousopposition to Yahuwah. .

quot;For that Daywill not come unless the fallingaway comes first, and the man ofsin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes andexalts himself above all that is called Eloahor that is worshiped, so that he sits as Yahuwahin the temple of Eloah, showing himselfthat he is Eloahquot;.

. Believers havespeculated for centuries as to the identityof this man of sin. Protestants have suggested awide range of possibilities. . Roman Catholicshave suggested that Antichrist isa real human being possibly ofJewish extraction.

. There is actually some truthto each of these suggestions. The word Antichristcomes from the Greek word anti'christos. Anti'christos can meaneither quot;against Christquot; or quot;instead of Christ,quot; or perhaps, combiningthe two root words, quot;one who, assumingthe guise of Christ,

opposes Christ andtakes His place. .quot; . The anti'christos deniesJesus in the flesh is the Christ (2 John 2:7); . the pseudoch'ristos(STRONG'S 5580) affirms himselfto be the Christquot;. .

The problem with each of thesesuggested interpretations is that they are toonarrow in scope. . A careful study ofprophecy reveals just who and what the Antichrist is and it is much larger thanany one person can be. . World's Last Chance believes

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