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Antichrist Dajjal

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The AntiChrist Myth alDajjal Jesus Imam alMahdi ENGLISH SUBTITLES

The messenger (Prophet Mohammad) is not an astrologer, a fortune teller or a wizard. Although, read the ahadith (traditions containing sayings of the prophet Muhammad) and you will see that they have made a wizard out of him. The hadith of Nawwas ibn Sam'an in the book of Sahih Muslim (book of sayings highly acclaimed by Sunni Muslims). The hadith of alJassasah A hadith narrated from Fatima bint Qais. Fatima bint Qais said: I preserved It In my mind (a narration said to be from Allah's Messenger): In the end of it: quot;Behold he (Dajjal) is in the Syrian sea (Mediterranian) or the Yemen sea (Arabian sea).

Nay, on the contrary, he As In the east, he is in the east, he is in the east, and he pointed with his hand towards the east.quot; What is thisé Is this a propheté Or astrologer or maybe a fortune telleré Is divine revelation like thisé The one with divine revelation has precise and correct knowledge. The prophet doesn't knowé Is the Dajjal's right eye the deformed oneé Or is it the left eyeé In the ahadith, Sahih alBukhari and Sahih Muslim it is his right eye (deformed).

In Sahih Muslim, his left eye. How odd, so in Sahih Muslim it says the right eye. But then again, in the same book it is the left eye alsoé Both Sahih hadiths. Thereafter, it is asked, what kind of deformation is in the eyeé It says, the eye is wiped. So, the eye is not bored nor is it jutted. But just wiped. No, it is blurred. Blurred light Like grapes, it is protrudingé

No, it says it is darkened, there is no light in it. Well, we sure know nothing. Is it sticking out, wiped, blurred, jutted, with light or withouté All these are supposed to be said by the prophets and they are in the most trusted Hadiths (collections of sayings). Now, what is this story of about Tamim alDari and alJassasaé And what is this story of Ibn Sayyadé In the Sahih hadiths. The companions say, it is the Dajjal who is the son of Ibn Sayyad. A Jewish boy.

It is most likely that he was born after the migration of the prophet to Medina. Lo, just a little boy. If the prophet had come to them on the seventh year, or let say the eighth year, he is just eight year. Anyway, a Jewish boy, born in Medina. The prophet assumes it is the Dajjal. Wait, assumesé Should there be any doubté Is this from a prophet or a fortune telleré Lend me your brains! WHY would you lie about the propheté But it does not stop there. It is said that the prophet took some companions and started to stalk the boy through palm trees.

Sayyad was on a bed with a blanket around him from which a murmuring sound was being heard. Ibn Sayyad's mother warned him about the prophet being near. Then the messenger said: If she had left him alone he would have made things clear. He would have made things clearé Oh yeahé Oh, so the prophet needs to stalk and play aroundé But what about the revelation of the propheté He would clearly be able to say it is the Dajjal and that would be it. Oh but they say, no, the prophet exonerated his duty. He says, there is no prophet that do no warn his people about the Dajjal.

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