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Antichrist Born Of A Jackal

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La Salette Birth Of The Antichrist part 6

Welcome to quot;Revelation Unraveledquot;, I'm your host, William Tapley, also known as the quot;Third Eagle of theApocalypsequot; and the quot;Co Prophet of the End Timesquot;. This is the sixth part in my series on theamazing prophecies which the Blessed Mother gave to twoshepherd children at La Salette, France, back in 1846,

and, so far, we have discovered that inorder to understand the chronology of the La Salette prophecies, you have to break it down into 7 different sections. Now, each of the first 4 sections, Mary herself indicated the beginning of each section by giving us

a particular year. Part one began with the year 1858, part two, 1859, part three, 1864, part four, 1865. and part five we had to calculate from the information which Mary gave us. In other words, we discovered that youhad to add

twentyfive years of harvest to the date Mary gave the prophecy, whichwas in 1846, and therefore we found that that section began with the year, 1870. And now, we are up to the sixth section and that is the birth at the antichrist; and we cannot figure out exactly that year, at least I don't know,

now, maybe some of you in the audience know who the antichrist is, I don't know yet, but Mary says that is the date of the beginning of part number six and I call this section the birth of the antichrist, and Mary says: quot;it will be during this time that the antichrist will be born of a Hebrewnunquot;, and I put down here 1945 to 2001 as being quot;this timequot;. The reason I have determined that thephrase quot;this timequot;

refers to the years following world wartwo because that is the last time period which Mary was talking about in the 5th section of these La Saletteprophecies. She called it the quot;false peacequot;. In other words, the antichrist was undoubtedly born sometime between 1970 and 1990.

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