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2013 Prophecies Rick Joyner

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Is This The Most Obvious Contradiction Ever

Rick joyner is conservative evangelicalradio host other show called prophetic perspective on current events now I wouldn't besurprised if there's a total of three people thatlisten to his shell %uh but nonetheless he does it anyway in he he has this really really all around dome demeanor about him like he seems like he's a damn ball and

I only want to play this for you becausethis maybe the most also mmm and blatantcontradiction in American history I mean there's noway our republic can last much longer it maynot last through Obama second term there are a lot ofpeople they feel that you know it can't the the their forcesin at work right now seeking to undermineinto destroyed the Republic there's a almostor

0 live been almost over joy fordisregard of the constitution to be little enough the Constitution we can't make it without that's ourfoundation are more mourns we're headed for Syria steering I think we've been used in somewonderful and powerful ways but I got we've been when most generous nations in historywe've when done so much good and that's why Iappeal to the Lord

don't let us be totally destroyed please raise up those who will save us and as Istart telling friends for a long time then no elections going get the right personin there that can restores because the system is so broken so undermined right now thewhole system I believe our only hope is a military takeover martial law

that is awesome did you know that oh man okay it's so scary we are headed fortyranny people which is why we should implement tyranny how can you while discussing how terribly is verywrong and we should avoid it and it's terrible is like what we need to do is a militarytakeover of the government and implement

martial law okay that would be the very definition of tyrannyand keep in mind I love how it's always whole areas tohear the evangelical Christian radio hostsguys like Rick Joyner Bryan Fischer thepoliticians to the Rec Center on the world my country in the world they always use freedom in theconstitution

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