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11 Ways The World Could End

Since the 1500s, there have been more than150 documented predictions of when the world is going to end. Luckily for us, none of themhave come true…yet. However, you'll be surprised that not allof them are destructive. Here are some terrifyingly amazing ways theworld, genuinely could end. When you think of scientists working on superviruses, you probably picture Hazmat workers, deep in a mountain bunker, studying vats fullof insidious green liquid. But these labs do actually exist! Maybe notworking for some shady Bondstyle villain looking to ransom the world away to the highestbidder, but for pharmaceutical companies and

government agencies studying ways to curedangerous pathogens. But what happens when a vial full of an extremely dangerous virusbreaks out of containment, or is misplacedé Over the years, there have been numerous documentedcases of dangerous viruses escaping from laboratories around the world. One of these happened asrecently as 2009. A group of scientists based in Europe, workingwith Baxter Pharmaceuticals, were conducting lab tests on a seasonal flu strain.Without realizing it, Baxter had sent them live supplies of the H5N1 virus, better knownas “bird flu,â€� which has a mortality rate higher than 60%. One of the world's deadliestviruses was handled and distributed to three

other labs without any pathogen safety protocolsin place. The grave error was only realized when onelab worker in the Czech Republic inoculated a group of ferrets with samples of the “seasonflu� batch, and was horrified when they all died.The scientists were immediately placed under quarantine and monitored for signs of thedeadly virus. Luckily, none of them were infected and all the scientists were freed with a cleanbill of health. Two years later, these same strains of avianand human flu were combined in a laboratory, successfully creating “the most dangerousvirus in history.� The virus was highly

pathogenic, while retaining its dangerouslyhigh fatality rate. If it got loose, it could kill 60% of the world's population in afreakishly short amount of time – a truly apocalyptic notion.Some say it's only a matter of time before this kind of virus escapes containment andwreaks havoc on mankind. After going through two world wars, you wouldthink that the world would have learned to get along by now. But unfortunately for thesurvival of humanity, we are constantly under threat of triggering the final war – NuclearArmageddon. Mutually Assured Destruction, like its acronymsuggests, is one of the maddest doctrines

ever devised. It ensures that if a countrywere to ever use a nuclear weapon on another state with the same capability, both sideswould unleash their entire nuclear arsenal, bringing about the complete annihilation ofboth countries. With the resulting nuclear winter, and the likely participation of othercountries in the exchange, this would almost certainly lead to destruction and death onan apocalyptic scale. There are over 15,000 nuclear warheads inthe world, with more than 4000 ready to fire at any one time. That would make one hellof a firework show, but probably not one you'd want to be around to watch.There have been a few “close calls� since

we first developed nuclear weapons. A surprisingnumber of these were technical glitches that nearly started World War 3, on both sidesof the Cold War. The average yield of a modern nuclear weaponis around 500 kilotons of TNT, that's 25 times more powerful than the bomb droppedon Nagasaki. Each one of these 500 kiloton bombs are powerful enough to flatten hugeparts of a large modern city such as New York, or London.And there exists some truly unimaginably powerful weapons, like the Tsar Bomba, which had ayield of more than 50 megatonnes. That's two and a half THOUSAND times more powerfulthan the one dropped on Nagasaki. Thankfully

The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt 10

And Cayce has been not onlyamazingly prescient about what's going on and his predictionshave come true in a way, but not in the cataclysmicnature that a lot of people have expected. David: True. Sean David Morton: For example,he said that in 19982000 that there would be a shiftingof the poles period. Or the beginning of a NewAge, which is interesting,

because there was a polar shift. Not many people know it, in19982000 or so where the poles actually shifted. There are threemagnetic North poles; and the pole actually shiftedfrom one to another to another. David: If you are talking aboutthe Chandler's Wobble, yeah. Sean David Morton: Chandler'sWobble, exactly, did happen. He talked about 1998the library of Atlantis,

the beginning thatit would be found. And, of course, in 1996, therewas an earthquake in Cairo that cracked open theSphinx temple complex. And we think that the tombof Osiris might be the foyer, if you will. So what might possiblybe the Atlantean aspect. So considering that a lot ofCayce's predictions have been pulled down, so to speak; theyhave been softened by prayer and

human action and what have youand I'm not you don't have to stick to that I'mjust pointing out, because of your uniqueconnection to this. The connection and whatI am of interest, to me, is we seem to have done so muchwork along the lines of the Mayan Calendar, the harmonicconvergence in 1987, meditations that havebeen done in '92 and '94, earthquakes that have beenlessened in California.

I mean working with the ProphecyResearch Institute when Gordon Michael Scallion was talkingabout the whole west coast falling into the ocean andwhatever else and so many people did meditations in California. And, then, the call went out forpeople to start meditating and I said quot;Don't tell me what'sthe same tell me what's differentquot;. And people began to realize thatthe future was not as dire as

many of them thought. So 2012, again, I wasn't sureif there was a lot of prophecies but, if you could mix that withwhat your opinion is and what goes on in the next four yearsor so because everything is beginning to condense. Everything is beginning to pullhumanity back into the beginning of that quantum leap. So.take us thereand take it away.

The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt 05

as it's called the silvercord is anchored right here. That's where it comes from. That's why, when people havean out of body experience, they hear a loud cracking noiseand then they fly out of body. The crack comesfrom right in here. So, the answer to why thisworks is that there's an electromagnetic shield that iscreated when the light goes out. It may be stimulated bythe release of the D.M.T.

But these two little arterieshere, they don't look like much, but it's a known fact that thepineal gland has more blood flow per cubic volume than anyother gland in the body. This gland has the mosthighamount of concentration of energy from your bodyof anything else. And that's becauseit's our gateway. So if you can start to imaginethe idea that there's this complex electromagnetic shieldthat starts forming like this

and you have all these weirdrotations happening around it and they are all going inthese different directions, and it becomes so fast, if youmove it fast enough which I am not really capable of doing then it would just start to be all red. You get a perfectly formulatedshield around the gland. When you do that, you havenow shielded off all of the electromagnetic, gravitationaland otherwise

(well, not gravitational) but all the electromagnetic, the radio waves all theenergy that gives us a reference in spacetime. That opens up thedoor to timespace. Just like when you shoot thatlittle carbon60 molecule, the little Bucky Ball, at theslit and it pops inside out and it turns into a waveas it goes through. Well there are little moleculesinside this water

called microclusters. And those molecules can flipover and that's the gateway that allows you to seeinto timespace. So darkness activateselectromagnetic activity. It feels like apressure, a buzz, a tone or accelerationinside your head. Has anybody here nothad that experienceé Okay, no hands have gone up.

You'll hear sometimes it'salmost like there's a gong. Or you feel like apressure in your head. Now some people just callthat kundalini activation, but what's actually happening,is that sometimes spontaneously even during the day yourpineal gland just kicks up. It's like a car engine. Vrrroom. And it suddenly gets going.

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