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Will The World End With Ebola

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Human Extinction

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here.Do you want to be infected with Ebola without having to leave your own home ordeal with other peopleé Well, you might be in luck. You canalready download an Ebola virus genome. Right here on the Internet, right now.And if you're willing to wait a few years for 3D bioprintingtechnology to progress a little bit, you can just acquire onethen, submit the genome to it and ta da! All you can print Ebola.

Or anthrax or whatever it is you wish tomassproduce at home to wipe out humanity. Are humans going to go extinct sooné Will human extinction be anthropogenicé That is the result of human action. Or will it be one of the good oldfashioned kinds of extinction Earth's history knows pretty wellé The Global Catastrophic Risks Survey,issued by Oxford University's

Future of Humanity Institute placed our risk of extinction before the year 2100 at 19%. Now, you might be thinking quot;whatever, blahblah blah armageddonquot;. quot;It'll be okay, humans are too smart to go extinct.quot; Maybe you're right. But it's difficult to predict the distant future with a lot of certainty. What's really cool though is that if you embrace that uncertainty,a simple argument

can show that human extinction soon is actually more probable. It's called the Doomsday argument. Imagine a giant urn that contains either 10 balls numbered 1 to 10, or a million balls numbered 1 to a million. Now, you don't know which is the case, but you are allowed to pull out one ball. You go ahead and do that

and it is ball number 4. That's pretty strong evidence in favourof the 10 ball condition because drawing a four from a set of 1 through 10 is a one in 10 chance. But drawing fourfrom a million different numbers is a one in a million chance. By analogy you are also a numbered ball. You are a human who knows approximately what your birth number is.

It's probably somewhere around 100 billion. That's how many other humans were most likely born before you were. Importantly, you didn't get to decide which birth number you would have. So, just like the number for a ball, you are a random sample from the set of all humans who will ever live. The Doomsday argument points out that from 200 billion people there's a50 percent chance that a randomly chosen

The End of Ebola Athenes Documentary

The only areas where Ebola is still reallypresent right now in Liberia is actually where we are in Monrovia.I saw that they shoot people that try to cross the borderéYeah because we have a lot of movement still of refugees and a lot of gangs in the area.We have antigovernment groups operating in the area.Obviously the Ebola outbreak has been significantly affecting operations.So let's say someone goes to the bathroom and has Ebola, and you go the bathroom afterwards.Do you have a chance of catching Ebola thené Yeah, small chance, you have a small chance.It is important to get patients with Ebola

into proper treatment facilities. This hasbeen a disease that's had a very mayor impact on the people living in these three most affectedcountries. I remember coming back from Ethiopia wherewe did a Gaming For Good event and we had finally hit that $20 million milestone.Gaming For Good, what does it do and how did you come up with itéIt's basically just a website were developers donate their games and when people donateto charity, they get those games for free. Athene and I always try to focus on whateverwe think is the most important and effective ways in which we can make a big difference.You have raised, in concert, with Razer, $9.4

million for Save the Children.Yes. That is a lot of money.Ebola was looking really scary, there was a lot of hysteria, it was all over the newsand then came a CDC report saying that by 2015 we could have as many as 1.4 millioncases. At the time there were around six seventhousand cases and the world was already in a panic, we immediately thought: Can we fundraisefor ité Can we raise awareness with it, because it seemed there were a lot of misconceptions.Can we travel to a place like Guinea, like Sierra Leone, like Liberia. Could an NGO likeSave The Children be able to sort of guarantee

our safetyé Because the reason why we've goneto Mali, why we've gone to Indonesia and Ethiopia is because it allows us to make it personalfor our viewers. I've already said I'm proud to be a gamerbecause of everything you guys have been doing. I will be showing here the tutorial so you guyscan see what you have been doing, the changes you have been bringing.Looking back, where we came from. The first tutorial I uploaded, 'best paladin in the world'and seeing where we are now, what we managed to achieve together with you guys really putsa smile on my face. Athene has a massive fan base as one of themost well known gamers in the world

and together we try to use this platform foractivism and spreading awareness and fundraising. We did it! We hit one million dollars! Wehit one million dollars! Turned out there were a lot of obstacles intrying to get such a trip planned and greenlit, lots of briefings, security clearances, visas,tons of paperwork, mandatory life insurance, medical insurance,.Save the Children was remarkably cooperative, we thought they were going to say: quot;you guysare nuts, we're not doing thisquot;. They've done stunt after stunt and sacrificeafter sacrifice, spending 12 hours or more, sometimes 16 hours a day for the past yearand a half. Livestreaming just to raise awareness

and funds for Save the Children.For months and months every day we would have a Skype call with Save the Children, we wouldtalk about planning, we would talk about whether we would be able to get to Guinea or SierraLeone or Liberia, there would be conversations with Country directors. We would be goingover security protocols and all sorts of things we had to go through like medical checkups.Have you checked with your medical provider to ensure that your trip or medical needsare covered. You know what are the problems and what arethe contagious things you have to pay attention to.

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