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What Is The Bible Code Predictions

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Amazing Bible Code Predictions

The bible code, the idea that secret messages and prophecies are hidden in the bible, has received much attention. There are over 45,000 news articles written on the subject. Google returns over 16 million web pages. It has its own Wikipedia page and a number of books have been written on the subject. Clearly it must be real, righté Why else would they write a sequel.

Who cares that scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians dismiss the bible code as worthless, a statistical artifact, a probability illusion. They're obviously blinded to the truth by all their numbers and equations. So I decided to see what hidden wisdom I could glean from the bible. And here's what I found. Now if you are looking for predictions of the future, I'm sorry to tell you but the words quot;world end tomorrowquot; appear 2 times in the bible.

If you're curious how the world will end, look no further than the bible code. The words quot;fire death starquot; appear next to quot;world end tomorrowquot;. Curious how the supposedly fictitious death star will destroy the earth. Well the words quot;Darth Vader realquot; appear 22 times. So after you finish watching this tutorial, go off and enjoy your last day on earth. If by chance the world is still here tomorrow,

come back and leave a comment. If you feel Barack Obama should not be president, you're not alone. There are 34 places in the bible where the words quot;obama lost racequot; appear, and there are 252 places where the words quot;john cain won racequot; appear. What about historyé There is one location where quot;south won civil warquot; appears, but surprisingly none where quot;north won civil warquot; appears.

And if that isn't enough, there is also a passage were quot;Nazis won world warquot; appears. I guess it's time to rewrite those history books. Recently there has been some controversy over Sherri Shepherd's comment on the TV show The View implying the world might be flat. Well what does the bible code have to say about ité There are 15 locations where the words quot;earth flat squarequot; appear, but only 2 where quot;earth solid spherequot; appear.

So I guess we go with majority rule on this one. Now I know most of you think the sky is blue, but not so fast. There are 368 locations where quot;sky NOT bluequot; appears, and 2 where quot;sky orange greenquot; appear. Don't look up, it's clearly a test of your faith. Remember back in school when you learned about the water cycle. Throw that out. There are 28 locations where the words quot;rain is god cryingquot; show up.


Welcome to quot;Revelation Unraveledquot;. I'm your host, William Tapley, also known as the quot;Third Eagle of the Apocalypsequot;, and the quot;Co Prophetquot; of the end times. The topic for this program is the quot;who, what, where and whenquot; of world war three.

Remember, world war three is next on the prophetic horizon. World war three is what will trigger the seven years of tribulation. Please don't listen to the false prophets who say that some kind of covenant betweenthe antichrist and Israel will trigger the tribulation period.

Let's see what our Lord says about that in Matthew chapter 24: quot;And you shall hear of wars and rumors of war, see that you be not troubled for all the things much come to pass but the end is not yetquot;.

Our Lord here is referring to world war three, and world war three will trigger the seven years of great tribulation. Remember, our Lord says that these things, which he is talking about here, are quot;the beginning of sorrowsquot;, and the quot;sorrowsquot; is the tribulation. Daniel will answer almost all of our questionsabout the

quot;who, what, where and whenquot; of world war three, in his chapter number 11, as he writes: quot;And at the time of the endquot;, now, that's the time we're living in now, quot;shall the king of the southquot;, the quot;king of the southquot; is Barack Obama, because he came from Kenya, which is due south of Jerusalem,

quot;shall push at himquot;, the quot;himquot; is the quot;king of the northquot;, who is the Premiere of Russia, and Moscow is due north of Jerusalem, quot;and the king of the northquot;, that is, the Premiere of Russia, quot;shall come against himquot;, that is, the President of the United States,

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