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Two Wives December 12 2012

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Second Wedding For 9yearold Boy His 61yearold Wife

00:03COMM: Babyfaced Saneie Masilela was just eightyearsold when he made headlines around the world aftermarrying a 61yearold woman. 00:14COMM: Now the odd couple have caused further controversy, by marrying again a year later. 00:26COMM: The schoolboy first tied the knot with Helen Shabangu in 2013 in a lavish ceremonyat his home in Tshwane, in South Africa. And it sparked a huge international outcry. 00:'COMM: Now 9yearsold Saneie has walked down

the aisle once more with his 62yearold bridein nearby Mpumalanga. He wore the same tiny tuxedo, and was even willing to pucker upfor another kiss. 00:58COMM: Tradition dictates the couple should wed in both the houses of the bride and thegroom. this time it was Helen's turn and her 67yearold husband Alfred was even on handto help with the proceedings. 01:10COMM: But despite the appearance of the real wedding, Saneie and Helen are not marriedin real life. And don't even live together. The family says that it was meant as a ritualto please Saneie's ancestors.

Prisoners of Tradition Women in Afghanistan

Soheila: I did not want to be with him, hehad two wives already. My father wanted to take me to Nuristan to get married withthat man. As soon as I learned, I ran away with my lover. When my father found me, heput me in prison. Onscreen text: The majority of women inAfghan prisons have committed what courts have deemed quot;moral crimes.quot; They are jailed for refusing arranged marriages,running away from home, marrying without family consent and attemptingadultery. Title card: Prisoners of Tradition: Womenin Afghanistan

Yakta Azad*: Afghanistan is a maledominatedsociety. Fathers and brothers are the ones who decide every aspect of a woman'slife. In the poorest villages, daughters are still sold in marriage for a piece ofland or money. Often they can be as young as9 years old. Onscreen text: In 2004, Afghanistan revisedits constitution to include more freedoms and rights for women. Azad: In theory, Afghan law is very similarto many Western countries, but the reality is radically different.

Onscreen text: Gul Ghutai, women's right'slawyer Gul Ghutai: If the husband disappears formore than three years, Afghan law says the wife can go to court and ask fora divorce. But according to Shari'a law, awoman has to wait for her husband for 70 years. The judge will give his verdict withconsideration to both Shari'a law and civil law. Onscreen text: Women's prison in KabulInmates: 155 Soheila: They gave me six years of prison,and I have been here for the past 17

months. Azad: In exchange for a piece of land, Soheila'sfather demanded she marry and become the third wife to an older man. Instead,she ran away and married her lover. Her father found her and had her arrested,even though she was pregnant. Born in prison, her son is one of 42 childrenin Badam Bagh. Prison is the only home many of them know. Soheila: Here I don't have a life. My childdoes not have a future. Living in prison is difficult. But if I go to be with my husband,my father will kill me.

Onscreen text: Soheila's husband,Policharki Prison Soheila's husband: I think girls shouldnot marry until they are 18, and then they should be able to get married with whomeverthey like. It is not right that fathers sell their daughters for money! Nobody could have arrested me if I had notgone to the police and handed myself over – but I did it because I love her.I thought it couldn't be possible that she staysin prison and I be free. Onscreen text: Under Afghan law the legalage for marriage is 16 for women and

18 for men. But according to the United Nations, nearly60 percent of girls are married before they turn 16. Soheila's father Azad: Soheila's father still visits herin prison. He says that as soon as she accepts his choice of husband she will be freed. Soheilasays he is only thinking about his piece of land. Soheila's father: Islamic law says an 8,9, 10yearold girl belongs to whomever

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