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Canada The United States Bizarre Borders Part 2

Canada and the United States share the longest,straightest, possibly boringest border in the world. But, look closer, and there's plentyof bizarreness to be found. While these sister nations get along fairlywell, they both want to make it really clear whose side of the continent is whose. Andthey've done this by carving a 20foot wide space along the border. All five and a halfthousand miles of it. With the exception of the rare New Englandtown that predates national borders or the odd airport that needed extending, this spaceis the notouchingzone between the countries and they're super serious about keeping itclear. It matters not if the notouchingzone

runs through hundreds of miles of virtuallyuninhabited Alaskan Yukon wilderness. Those border trees, will not stand. Which might make you think this must be thelongest, straightest deforested place in the world, but it isn't. Deforested: yes, butstraighté Not at all. Sure it looks straight and on a map, and thetreaties establishing the line *say* it's straight. but in the real world the officialborder is 900 lines that zigzags from the horizontal by as much as several hundred feet. How did this happené Well, imagine you'reback in North America in the 1800s The

49th parallel (one of those horizontal linesyou see on a globe) has just been set as the national boundary and it's your job to makeit real. You're handed a compass and a ball of string and told to carefully mark off thenext 23rds of a continent. Don't mind that uncharted wilderness in the way: just keepthe line straight. Yeah. Good luck. With that. The men who surveyed the land did the bestthey could and built over 900 monuments. They're

in about as straight as you could expect apreGPS civilization to make, but it's not the kind of spherical planar intersectionthat would bring a mathematician joy. Nonetheless these monuments define the borderand the notouchingzone plays connectthedots with them. Oh, and while there are about 900 markersalong this section of the border, there are about 8,000 in total that define the shapeof the nations. Despite this massive project Canada and theUnited States still have disputed territory. There is a series of islands in the Atlanticthat the United States claims are part of

Maine and Canada claims are part of New Brunswick.Canada, assuming the islands are hers built a lighthouse on one of them, and the UnitedStates, assuming the islands are hers pretends the lighthouse doesn't exist. It's not a huge problem as the argument ismostly over tourists who want to see puffins and fishermen who want to catch lobsters,but let's hope the disagreement gets resolved before someone finds oil under that lighthouse. Even the nondisputed territory has a fewnotably weird spots: such as this tick of the border upward into Canada. Zoom in andit gets stranger as the border isn't over

solid land but runs through a lake to cutoff a bit of Canada before diving back down to the US. This spot is home to about 100 Americans andis a perfect example of how border irregularities are born: Back in 1783 when the victorious Americanswere negotiating with the British who controlled what would one day be Canada, they neededa map, and this map was the best available at the time. While the East Coast looks prettygood, the wester it goes the sparser it gets. Under negotiation was the edge of what wouldone day be Minnesota and Manitoba. But unfortunately,

Marimar Miss World 2013 Megan Young English Subbed

So what are you going to name heré I will name her aftermy Grandmother's name Cruz The woman who stood as my motherand grandmother for a long time Her name will be. .Cruzita Dog Joking Spouse of Cruzito, Joke! I never thought that this ishow it feels to be a mother It feels so amazing

Just a smile from you, itease my pain and hardships Now I know that this iswhat real happiness is The real love I will promise you my baby I will protect you I will never let you experiencewhat I've been through I will do everything So I could give you a good future

You are my inspiration to be better for myself Is she a celebrityé She seems like She's so beautiful The goddess of street dog is back! Pabebe wave!

Just remember everything I taught you I know you've been longing to go home Mom I'm hungry Cruzita, that's why we dropby to this mall so you could eat She wasn't able to eat in the plane Besides, now that you're back, I trustyou won't forget any of our lessons And I'm sure you can do it

Thank you, Cappuccina In everything Everything that I learned from you I can apply it now, so I can start again You are what you become becauseof your patience and hardwork And I was just the instrument that guidedyou so you can achieve your dream That's why I'm glad Cappuccina You're like a sister to me too

Capuccina, I want to say thank you toofor everything you've done to Bella Let's ask. Cruzitaé Momé They seem to lose direction Can I have one pleaseé Don't tell me you will buy ice creambut you don't have money to pay Where are your parentsé

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