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The Worlds End Qa

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What If The Earth Stopped Spinning

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. The Earth is spinning and we are spinning along withit. But what if the Earth suddenly stopped spinningé Well, first of all, you would gain weight. But that would be the least of your worries. The spin of our planet is important and literally giving you the time of your life. At the equator, the surface of Earth, and everything on it, is spinning around at465 meters per second.

As you move closer to the poles youdon't have to move as quickly to complete Earths daily rotation. Here in San Francisco, the Earth is driving me east at 368 meters per second. If I could float above the surface independent of the Earth's rotation, theEarth would spin underneath me this quickly. Pretty cool. But, of course,when I jump straight up into the air, the Earth doesn't move underneath mebecause I continued to spin with it. We are all spinning with the Earth andthat is why slamming on a set of magical planetary breaks that causedeverything

classically called earth to stopspinning would be catastrophic. Immediately everything that wasn't Earth, and wasn't safely at the poles,would continue moving, as it had been, and be flung due east at more than athousand miles an hour. You wouldn't be flung into space becauseescape velocity is 24,800 mph but your body would instantly become a 9.5 inch caliber bullet. Well, really more of a supersonic tumbleweed.

Because the atmosphere would moregradually slow down, people in airplanes, assuming they could navigate theresulting storms, might have a better chance of surviving. Astronauts aboard the ISS would fare even better. But it is unlikely that anyone would be waiting for them down on the ground. Runways would just be entrances to the new planetsized graveyard, created by the no longer spinning Earth.

People really really near the polesmight be okay but only at first. Gusts of wind, as fast asthose near an atomic bomb detonation, would blast, pass the surface and up into thesky forming worldwide storms of unprecedented magnitude. The friction alone, caused by the now stopped Earth collidingwith these winds, would be enough to cause massive fires, unparalleled erosion and damage toanything strong enough to stay put after the initial braking. The Sun wouldseem to freeze in the sky as days

became not 24 hours long but 365 days long. Without spinning innards, Earth'sprotective magnetic field would cease to exist and we would be dosed with deadlyamounts of ionising radiation from the Sun. The oceans would surge onto land intsunamis kilometers high and wash over nearly all dry land, before migrating to the poles, where gravity is stronger, no longer held tothe ocean basins by the inertia Earth's spin gave them, until Earth itself, no longer bulging an extra 42kilometers around its equator, because

Will It Blend Worlds Largest Gummy Bear

Vat19 presents:Burning Questions, featuring realcustomer inquiries about the world'slargest gummy bear. A curious customernamed Danny writes: What would happen if I putmy world's largest gummy bear in the microwavefor 10 minutes on highé Let's find out.

That was gooey. Christie asks: Will it blendé Good question. Oh my god it's burning. Sugary.

Gus wants to know:Does it bounceé Not bouncy. Amber writes: When willyou make a sour versioné We tried that once. Anthony asks: Why don't youmake the world's largest gummy bear on the world'slargest stickgt;é

Zach says: I have a bad temper,and I tend to kick things. What would happené Jenny wonders: Will itdrastically expand underwateré Kevin ponders: Couldit be used as a weaponé

Yes. Matt asks: If I givea midget a switchblade, and the gummy bear ahatchet, which one will winé Well that's allthe time we have. You asked for it. The world's largest gummy bear.

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